Disney Rocked the Sanderson Sisters Live!

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Leave it to Disney to produce one of the most loved Halloween movies “Hocus Pocus” and then create a showstopping feature for Halloween at their theme park feature their most famous villains, and then top it off with exact look and sound alike cast members to recreate a famous scene.  That is a huge run-on, but it is so worth it once you see the performance.  I mean seriously, Disney is ridiculously amazing normally, but to do this as a limited show and pull it off is insane.

I was tempted to go to Gay Days at Disney next year, but now it’s more tempting to try and make it to Orlando to see this show while it plays.  Seriously, who doesn’t love the Sanderson Sisters, Bette Midler and the famous song “I Put a Spell On You” from the movie “Hocus Pocus”?  To get to see it live with an almost exact cast, hear it performed and also see a ton of other favorite characters at their “worst”, it is absolutely worth visiting Disney.

If you’ve been to the show, please comment below and absolutely spoil it for us.  Regardless of jokes, etc… I don’t think there is a possible spoiler, especially once you see the live performance of I Put a Sell On You from Hocus Pocus.

Ok, I need to get back to work, but if you’d seen the live show at Disney or are planning on going, please come back and leave a comment with your other favorite Disney villain performance as well as any fun things we should look for during the Disney villains show.  The video above is the short version which focuses on I Put a Spell On You, but you can find the entire or almost the entire performance by going to YouTube and doing a search.