Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame Parody – Seriously, not a dame!

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I know I haven’t updated the blog for a while but its because I’ve been swamped with work.  Sorry about that.  I finally had some time to update this morning and even though I was in NYC last week and saw On The Town which is about to close, instead of reviewing my favorite song from the “I Can Cook Too”, I found this parody of Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame.

Normally I’d go into why it’s a parody, how it’s a parody, why it’s funny…..but that’s boring since this one does it for itself.  Instead, why don’t you watch this fun cast perform Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame as a parody and then share your favorite things about it.  Once you watch you’ll easily understand why I don’t need to say why there ain’t no “dame” thing to comment on why this is an awesome parody.  (Sorry, bad pun)

Yup, a bunch of leathermen start out by singing ain’t nothing like a dame.  Nope, some gay men may act like a dame, may love showtunes and love theatre, but these guys definitely Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame which is why this is an awesome showtunes parody.

I love in the beginning how they start out with the different types of leatherman, go through stereotypes and then actually stick along with the types of characters that would be singing the original showtune version of the song.  Instead of re-writing everything, they actually kept pretty close to the theme of the showtune which is why this is an awesome broadway parody.

There are a ton of parodies of classic showtunes, but not all of them stick to the main theme and characters while changing them all.  They either keep the music or have the characters say what they really think.  The Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame parody turns the men into gay men and then has them go through the song singing about themselves instead which is a really fun way to parody the song. If you have a favorite parody of any classic broadway songs, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.  Also feel free to leave your comment about this parody of Nothing Like A Dame.  (BTW, I know the word Ain’t isn’t on the song title,,,I like to add it and it’s my blog so I’m going to.)