What Happens When Two Disney Casts Battle in Public?

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Have you ever wondered what Disney touring casts look like when traveling?  How about if they get a long, how they go from city to city or even what happens when two touring casts collide?  What happens if they’re both from the same producer or parent company?

That’s exactly what happened during a 6 hour layover at the Orlando airport when the cast of Disney’s The Lion King got stuck with the cast of Disney’s Aladdin.  The two ended up in a epic battle of opening songs sung acapella in the terminal which also resulted in a ton of YouTube uploads, tons of talent and two of your favorite opening Disney broadway numbers.

Not only does it show how talented the casts are when they’re not in huge animal costumes or surrounded by amazing sets, but it’s really cool when you see them go from singing and standing still to watching them interact like you’re seeing rehearsal.

The performances are awesome, you get to see the characters in real life and also hear them without any special sound equipment.  These people are amazing performers and when you can harmonize and bring together these songs in public, while on a layover and drown out all other noise, that is how you know you have an incredible group of actors.

Based on the amount of feedback, Disney’s love of publicity stunts and their love of trying to produce viral content, we may start to see planned appearances, hopefully flash mobs and other cool random performances from their broadway and touring casts.   Wouldn’t it be really cool to watch a woman start dancing in a square singing, then all of the sudden have a guy join her, then magically a large group of other people join in and it turns out to be Beauty and The Beast.

How about the same but with other casts.  Almost every show has at least one number that uses a ton of cast members and everyone knows and loves.  This gives them the perfect opportunity to show off their talents, gain exposure for their shows and also have a really fun time making a video that is pretty much guaranteed to go viral.