What Happens When Broadway Takes on Hip-Hop?

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We’ve heard rap on broadway before.  In The Heights, Rent and even If/Then (I think) had different styles of it.  But what happens when you take incredible Hip-Hop artists like Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Rhianna and others, give the lyrics to broadway singers and then have them put the lyrics to popular showtunes or showtune styled piano?

This is what happens and it’s amazing!

Ok, so I’m obsessed with the opening.  I feel pretty confident that these two guys will not have a “bitch” as a problem.  Then their version of I’m in love with the Cocoa is amazing.  Next they take on blame it on the goose which sounds like a showtune that’s been revived.  Seriously, the rhymes are very stereotypical of old broadway.

That’s when it turns into a Les Mis styled Bitch Better Have My Money.  Because you know those “Broadway Players” and Pimps ain’t got time fo that sh*t.

Ok then I’m sort of really upset they turned off all of the f words.  Really, you won’t let them say f*ck….just kidding, FUCK!.  Whoops!

Ok, these guys are actually ridiculously talented and destroyed their versions of the rap songs on broadway.  They absolutely killed it with their mashup and it’s a really addictive video to watch.  I don’t know who endless noise is, where they came from or how they produced this, but I hope they continue to produce more and more of these videos.  They have a chance to take on Toderick Hall who does the really funny gay spoofs of movies, showtunes and mashups.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s starting to take off virally so I guarantee you’ll find it.  If you don’t see it on YouTube, Facebook or other networks, then you can always send people to the Endless Noise website to see it.

Thank you again for visiting and I hope you enjoyed this mashup of hip-hop songs done by broadway performers and matched with a piano.  Thank you also endless noise for sharing the video with everyone and helping these two guys get their names out there.  BTW, I couldn’t find their names on the YouTube video, if you find this post, can you leave them in the comments section.