Bernadette Peters Sings with The Muppets – Just One Person

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I was reading a post about the AMA on Reddit where the person who played Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch told this very heartfelt story that is making almost everyone cry.  It is an incredible one where he called a boy who has cancer and was the last person the boy spoke too.  After they hung up, the boy smiled and told his Dad Big Bird was his friend, closed his eyes and died.

The Dad said the boy hadn’t smiled in months and to watch his son finally be happy and at peace was the biggest blessing.  There aren’t many people that can bring that much love and happiness into the world.  That’s why people like Jim Henson will always be icons.

Not only did he create characters like Big Bird that everyone knows and loves, but he also created The Muppets.  The Muppets have had tons of incredible talents on their show over the years and one that I hadn’t seen before was the tribute song to Jim Henson when he died.  They sang a song called Just One Person.

When I went to YouTube to get the video for the tribute to Jim Henson, I found a different version.  Apparently one of their guest stars had also performed Just One Person with Robin and Kermit the Frog on the program.  Oddly enough, that person is famous for playing make believe characters as well.  It’s Bernadette Peters.

Jim Henson was an incredible person that brought the most ridiculous characters to life and helped us all learn valuable lessons when we were kids.  He brought broadway stars to the tv and amazing talents to entertain us.  He helped to create characters that let children dying of cancer find some piece and many people make it through the day.

It’s almost impossible, at least in the USA to find someone that hasn’t been affected by Jim Henson and his characters.  That’s why finding the version with Bernadette Peters instead of the tribute to him was a really cool find.  He brought her onto the show, got her to perform and oddly enough her song is the one they chose to use for his tribute show when the Muppets learned that Jim Henson had died.