And Then This Happened – Idina Menzel Sings Dirty Dancing

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When you don’t think you have had enough, or you know you’ve had more than enough Idina, she comes right back and hits another one out of the park. Yup, on a talk show she surprises everyone with her version of “I Had The Time of My Life” from the movie and musical “Dirty Dancing”.

Regardless how you feel about the “Rent”, If/Then, Frozen, etc… star, she always comes back and always impresses with her belting, her acting an her ability to make your skin tingle/crawl,,,depending on which side of the Idina fence you’re on.  Speaking of that…which side of the Idina fence are you on?

I personally love her.  Ya, I prefer Kristen Chenoweth in a who’d I’d like to meet thing (even thought I’ve met her and she’s fing amazing), but Idina would be cool too.  When she was opening If/Then here in DC, my friend did actually run into her,,,well realized who she was when he was at the bar having a drink.  Unlike me, he made a quick OMG facebook post and left her alone.

I probably wouldn’t have gone up and been obnoxious (well depending on how many glasses of wine I’d had), but I would absolutely have sent a drink over and said thank you for sharing your voice with us.

Idina has this weird soothing and raspy tone that is always calming when I hear it.  Whether she’s belting a high note or singing Jazz, she always calms me down and helps me relax.  It’s weird…but then that’s why she’s a famous singer and the rest of us aren’t.

So which side of the fence are you on?  Keep bringing more Idina, or “Let Her Go” and find the next broadway/movie/tv star?  I’d prefer to keep her going since she is an incredible talent and one that does a lot of good for many communities.  Check out the video above of Idina Menzel singing “I Had the Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing”, leave a comment with what you think and don’t forget to share this post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Thank you again for reading!