Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Muppets Take On Danny Boy!

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Soooo it’s St. Patrick’s Day and even though there is Once and other awesome musicals for Ireland, about being Irish, Irish singers, etc… I ended up seeing this video on Facebook and unfortunately it wins out.  It’s the muppets taking on Danny Boy the only way they could.  It’s the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day showtune, even though it’s a TV one.

Sooo apparently I forgot to hit post yesterday with this post for St. Patrick’s Day showtunes, but the song is still funny so I’m going to post anyways.  Sorry ahead of time about that and I’ll try to do better for the next holiday lol.

Before chosing to use this song I remember I heard that it was for a funeral so I was hesitant.  When doing research about it I found a lot of mixed reviews about it.  Some said it was a song for funerals, others said that it was about sending your kid off to war as a soldier and others said it used to have a very down meaning, but has become a bit more lighthearted over the years.

I wasn’t going to post this after doing the research, but then I found other variations and when I thought about it and saw other reviews, and the muppets did a performance of it, I decided it could be ok to post.  I’m still a bit torn because of the older meanings of the song, but at the same time think it is a great showtune for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m writing this after I wrote the top part.

Even though the top part is light and funny and the muppets spoof the song, please keep in mind that this song has a different meaning to people and you should take it serious.  Even though it is portrayed as light hearted in the video because of the three muppets performing Danny Boy, the song has a much deeper meaning.  I encourage you to look it up and read about the history.  You’ll find out why I was hesistant to post it for a St. Patrick’s day showtune, but you may also see why I kept the post and then decided to add this warning.  Enjoy the muppets version, but also please pay your respects to the soldiers and people who have used this song as a meaning of respect for their loved ones.