Neil Patrick Harris Christmas Performance at Disney

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Ever since he hosted his first Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris has been putting together fun performances with a ton of guests, comedy and jokes for numerous events, festivals and now holiday parades.  When you combine him with a ton of amazing cast members, characters from Disney, Star Wars and both Orlando and Hollywood, you get something that is completely ridiculous and amazing.  That’s why I wanted to share Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Disney Christmas parade this year for our annual Christmas showtunes post.

Whether you’re a fan of Neil Patrick Harris or Disney, when you combine the two you have to fall in love with the performance.  They have amazing talent, an unlimited budget and a ton of characters that everyone loves and remembers from when they were kids.   That’s why I wanted to share this post for our Chrismas post,,,the problem is that I wasn’t able to recognize all of the characters in the post, so I had to ask my friends with kids who everyone was.

It’s kind of funny to have to ask who these people are and watch as the kids parents either grunt or get excited or are shocked that you don’t know.  Either their kids love them and the parents hate them because they’ve had to watch the movie a million times, or the parents love them and are shocked you didn’t go see it.  They forget that not everyone has kids and has to go to every Disney movie that comes out, but when your friends who are parents go crazy over a movie or character, apparently you are now stuck watching that movie.  Just a quick heads up in case you as your friends who someone is in the Disney Christmas parade.

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