Did You Ever Notice, Inspirational Characters on Broadway Die?

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inspirtational broadway characters that dieBroadway is known for making a statement.  Whether its one of many broadway songs that belt out a theme, or giving you in your face wording and acting, playwrights and producers like to make sure they get their point across.  Maybe that’s why many inspirational characters end up dying during the show.

Below are 6 amazing and inspirational roles on broadway where the inspirational leader dies.  Feel free to add your own favorite role of inspirational broadway characters that die on stage.  Don Quixote is a man that everyone thought was delusional.  If you really pay attention, instead of being crazy he actually helped to inspire people.  When everyone saw a poor servant girl he saw beauty.  When you see a donkey, he sees a noble steed.  When you see danger, he sees an opportunity to save everyone.  He is the first on our list of inspirational broadway characters that die to set an example.

Evita.  Although her real life persona wasn’t a next to stellar person, based on her support and involvement with the Nazis.  Her role inspires a lot of people to live up to greatness no matter where they came from or how they start out in life.

Although she was a horrible person for supporting the Nazi’s, she was a leader and hero to the people of her country.  It’s sad that Andrew Lloyd Webber would support and create an amazing show about a horrible person, but she is an inspirational role that I for one enjoy watching die on stage.

Eponine is a girl who is raised well and watches as Cosette doesn’t have it easy.  When everything turns during the French Revolution, she comes to her senses and becomes a lover, a survivor and an inspiration.  Even though she loves a man that she cannot have, she supports and helps him.  She even goes to the barricade to fight for the country she loves, a better life for the people of her country and to support the man she loves.

Her heroic efforts unfortunately also mean that she ends up dying while fighting at the barricade.

Lucy from Jekkyl and Hyde is a woman that comes from nothing, is a prostitute and a performers and fights for what she has.  What we don’t see until later is that she has a plan to get away from everything and create a better life.  During the show you wait for her to have her chance and right as she does, she ends up being murdered.  She is an inspiration to the audience, not to other characters, and one that unfortunately has to pass on.

Her character can play strong and in control and then show weakness for love.  She is a real person that many can relate to and almost everyone hates to watch die.

The Witch from Into the Woods is a very inspiring character.  Although she is evil, she actually turns out good.  She helps to get people to realize their own faults, she plays an amazing mother and does everything to protect her family and then herself…even if she did kidnap the baby.  Her big song is all about why witches aren’t always bad and you need to look past their ugly faces and into their hearts.  That is the big inspiration of the witch in Into the Woods and what makes her an inspirational broadway character.

Angel is one of the most inspiring broadway characters that dies.  He sees good in everyone, he promotes love and acceptance, even though he did get a dog named Evita to jump off a balcony and kill herself.  If only he was in Argentina during/after the war.  Anyways, he teaches you to love and live life to the fullest and not care what others think.  He is another broadway character that is inspirational but ends up dying.

If you have another favorite inspirational character from a broadway show that dies, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.  There are a ton of them from Grisabella who inspires you to think about how amazing someone could be, even if they are old and shattered, many other characters in Les Mis and other shows are all inspirational and to make a point, the writer has them killed.  Thank you again for reading and I look forward to hearing about your favorite inspirational broadway characters that die.