The Magic Dance – Labyrinth (It’s that time of year!)

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Last year or a while ago I did the best broadway songs for Halloween and found 20 Halloween showtunes I love for any Halloween party.  The other day I heard a rumor that they are doing a sequel to the hit movie musical Labyrinth and it instantly meant it was time to come and finally do a blog post update.  Sorry for the delay in posts, it’s been a bit crazy here.

Anyways, when I think of Labyrinth I think of the Fire Dance, I think of the maze and the Goblin city and rave.  But if there’s one showtune from Labyrinth that “reminds” you of something, it has to be “The Magic Dance” from Labyrinth the musical.

Not only does an extremey scary, flamboyant and well-endowed goblin king (David Bowie) take you through a hit Halloween showtune, but he also walks you through a fantasy land of fairies and goblins while making it hard to know if you should like or hate him, his goblins or the goblin world.

He does make it possible for Toby’s sister to rescue him, but at a certain point Toby is happy and wants to stay.  Toby wanting to stay could also mean that the Goblin King has finally found his Sarah, the woman he has been obsessing over for decades.  The goal is to keep her baby brother in the land until she can find him, or unless she runs out of time.  If she does then the Goblin King gets to keep his prize and Sarah loses out on her baby brother.

Besides the plot of the movie and the insane cast and incredible puppets, The Magic Dance from Labyrinth tells the entire story and history of the Goblin King and lets you know why he kidnaps babies, why he puts girls named Sarah through these obstacles and almost makes you think that he is a good guy.

Listen to the lyrics in The Magic Dance from Labyrinth carefully and you’ll discover a lot more about the story and plot of the movie Labyrinth than you’ve ever realized before.  It’s actually pretty scary.   Thank you again for reading and have a happy and safe Halloween this year!