We’re About to Ruin The Telephone Song For You – Be Warned!

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I was thinking about what showtune to share with you all this week and instead of going for a Halloween one, I went with “The Telephone Song” from Bye Bye Birdie.  You may be asking why I would choose the telephone song from Bye Bye Birdie as the showtune of the week, but when listening to it I realized how different things now compared to then and how ridiculous things in this showtune are.

Get read to be scarred for life after Watching the video of The Telephone Song from Bye Bye Birdie and then get ready for my take on it comparing then to now.

The Video of The Telephone Song from Bye Bye Birdie

This showtune starts out with two girls talking on the phone.  The one is talking about getting pinned by a boy.  There are two huge things here.

1.  You can’t really see the small pin on her shirt and it actually looks like she’s rubbing her nipple because it could still be sensitive after enough foreplay.  Watching today you’d think she just got laid if a girl says I just got pinned by a boy.

Think about it…what else could a girl be calling her friend excited about when she says she got pinned by a boy and they are both excited?  Ohh ya, I know.

2.  Pinterest.  Maybe they had a pinboard about hot guys and which ones were taken.  By having the boy pin her to his board of girls he likes it could be a new matchmaking game made in heaven.

3.  The next part where Ursula asks “Tell me how do you absolutely feel?”…the other girl is basically faking an orgasm or in afterglow.

Unfortunately, getting pinned in the telephone song from bye bye birdie is very innocent and means a boy gave her a pin.  Back in these times, the pin would create the same feelings of afterglow after sex since this was about the same.

4.  The tricky part with the last line is that she says she now knows what it feels like to be a woman.  Because of that, maybe the pinning wasn’t as tame as you thought and maybe she did actually get “pinned by a boy”.

The expressions, questions and innuendos really turn something sweet and exciting into a girl who gave it up for a piece of jewelry.  To be honest, depending on the jewelry or if he was cute, I may get give it up for jewelry too.

5.  Urs asks, “Where did he pin you?”  This gets worse.  She answers in the back seat and her eyes roll into the back of her head.  Again, this is all subliminal and friendly ways to say she just got laid.  At this point it could mean he literally pinned her and they are making it PC for audiences in the US.  The girl is apparently a slut!

6.  The telephones.  Did they have three way calling?  Also, could you see today’s teens using a phone with a cord…besides a hipster?

7.  The scariest part about the girl getting pinned is that she actually encourages her friend to go spread the word.  In today’s world this would be gossiping and cyber-bullying which would get the suspended or expelled from school.

8.  The last thing is Harvey Johnson.  There’s a really sweet guy and he is absolutely being bullied on the phone since the kids don’t like him and think he’s a dork.

The problem is that no one realizes it and in this world, he would be put on suicide watch, on depression watch or even on a potential threat list since he’s calling people to ask them to be with him and getting rejected.  This is called stalking.

Instead of thinking of him as that poor guy getting rejected, you may realize he is stalking women over the phone.  The worst part is he is going through the parents and they think it’s ok.  Then again, back then this is how people did things.  You could call and ask for someone and the parents were ok with it.  Now it’s called stalking and we get worried.

Anyways, if that didn’t ruin the telephone song from Bye Bye Birdie, I’m sure you’ll rip into me anyways for not calling it The Telephone Hour from Bye Bye Birdie.  I like The Telephone Song better so I’m going to stick with that.  Feel free to add in your own things about The Telephone Song from Bye Bye Birdie if you’d like.  There are tons of things to comment on from the gyms to the showers, etc…

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