The Lion King Touring Cast Reviewed – At the Kennedy Center DC

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Last night I went to the Kennedy Center to see The Lion King the Musical touring cast.  I’m breaking this review up into two parts.  This first part is what you’re expecting to hear and the second part is a different take on it because I just saw Sideshow the musical which was amazing!

The Lion King the Musical touring cast was exactly what you’d expect.  Disney level talent, amazing costumes, really cool sets and people that impersonate the characters voices that can also act very well.  The dancing was great, they dance through the aisles and use amazing props and brought the movie to life.  Disney has the money to do this so they do and it’s like watching the movie or a show at one of their theme parks.  Talented people that sound like the characters, bright colors and great music.  It’s great for kids, fun for adults and if you like the movie you’ll like the show.  Now read below for my other opinion on The Lion King the Musical Touring Cast at the Kennedy Center.

Lion King Musical ReviewsAlthough I enjoyed myself at the show, I wouldn’t actually go back.  I never understood why broadway people get annoyed with another Disney show and now I do.  You don’t get to see people shine, creativity and there wasn’t much different from the movie so there were no funny surprises or improv.  There were small changes, but nothing to make it unique or fun.  The same jokes, most of the same songs, the same everything.  The effects and costumes were amazing but it wasn’t built to feature anyone, give people a chance to shine or have room for fun to change the show a bit to surprise the audience with something new.  With that said, two cast members actually did stand out to show a ton of talent.  The stand in for Zazu Andrew Gorrell and Rafiki Tashidi Manye.

Even though the show is supposed to have really cool characters, these two took on the characters, stayed true to the show but added something unique to them and made them amazing.  No matter who was in the audience or on stage with either of them, you couldn’t stop watching them.  They both easily stole the show with their talent.

Both Nala’s, grown up Simba and Pumba were fun and talented voice wise, but they couldn’t hold a presence like these guys.  When Mufasa leaves the stage you cheer and applause, but you forget him.  Scar leaves an impression, but it’s because the Actor was awesome,,,but he had an advantage because he was the bad guy.  The show didn’t leave much room for someone to stand out but somehow these two people did it making them amazing to watch.

The Lion King the Musical was fun to watch but I wouldn’t go again.  You should definitely check it out if you like the movie or need something to do with your family, but if you’re looking for a show with something unique, amazing (besides the costuming and props) like characters you have never heard of, jokes or twists you didn’t expect, this isn’t the show for you.  They stayed very accurate to the movie which sort of ruined the musical version for me.  Buy broadway tickets for the touring cast on sale by clicking here.