Drag Queen at Blue Moon Rehoboth Singing Dream Girls Live!

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drag queen singing dream girls showtunes at blue moon rehoboth beach delaware

I normally don’t like drag shows much so when they come on I leave. However, when we were at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach the other day and the show was coming on, they announced it was performers and the first one was from Broadway. At that point I pushed past my panic attack from the crowded room and when she started performing I forgot that the drag shows at the Blue Moon aren’t your normal show. Instead they are talented performers that actually perform. This first performer did an amazing montage of showtunes from Dream Girls. I unfortunately turned off my camera before she got to the big number, but you’ll love the first few songs.

Drag Queens do Jennifer Holiday all the time so that isn’t anything new or special.  What made this performance amazing (the video doesn’t do it justice) is that the Drag Queen at Blue Moon Rehoboth actually took the showtunes from Dream Girls and made them her own like a real broadway star would.  Since a guy isn’t normally going to hit the high notes, she took them and made them on key, just as powerful and perfectly executed.  To impress me with some of my favorite showtunes takes a lot and they did it.

If you’re going to Rehoboth Beach, make sure to check out the drag shows at Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach and you won’t be disappointed.  The stage isn’t huge because they don’t have much room, but the talent is amazing.  I’m not sure which drag queen was singing in the video above, but whichever one she is did an amazing job.  If you know who she is, feel free to leave a comment below with her drag name so people can call ahead to see if she is performing and make sure to mention you loved her performance of Dream Girls.  Thank you again for reading and have fun watching the video of the drag queen at Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach singing songs from Dream Girls the Musical.

Drag Queen Singing Dream Girls Broadway Songs at Blue Moon
Drag Queen Singing Dream Girls Broadway Songs at Blue Moon

This video is of a Drag Queen singing showtunes and broadway songs from Dream Girls at the Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach Delaware.