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side show the musical

Yesterday I went to see Side Show the Musical at the Kennedy Center and wasn’t sure what to expect.  The old reviews of Side Show the Musical were amazing, but in this version they added new music, made it darker and it’s a new cast so it could have completely flopped.  Unlike most of the reviews I do, with Side Show the Musical at the Kennedy Center, this show is a 5 out of 5!

Not a single cast member was bad, the lighting, costuming, sound, acting and music were amazing and everything went perfect.  I cried, laughed and absolutely fell in love with the new version of the show.  You can buy discount tickets right now by clicking here, or you can read more about Side Show the Musical at the Kennedy Center below.

What is Side Show the Musical About?

side show at the kennedy centerSide Show is about the Hilton Sisters (Not Paris and the other one) but the two singing stars of the Orpheum Circuit and Vaudeville.  The Hilton sisters were conjoined twins that were born in England and used as a freak show to support an abusive care taker that married an abusive master.  The two had a horrible life being shown off in front of strangers and being beaten.  Once “Sir” came along it got worse because he trained their care taker how to hit them without bruising or scarring their faces so that they would look perfect while people paid to see their deformity while they stood naked as kids in a bar. Eventually a man (Howard Houdini) came to England to visit them and instead of mocking them gave them self esteem and taught them how to escape the ridicule and have alone time, even though they were always connected.  This was the first time they had been treated nicely and they loved it.  Unfortunately Howard had to go, but they wished to get to meet him again. Later on Sir made a decision that would change their lives.  He moved the family to the USA to start a freak show or side show.  Once in the USA the caretaker got sick and died leaving Sir to take them to court and gain full custody of them for life.  Now the Hilton sisters (Violet and Daisey) were stuck with him and always on display. To push the story forward you get to watch as a talent scout and a choreographer meet them and change their lives.  If I tell you anything else I’ll spoil the story, so we’ll go onto some of the highlights of the Side Show the Musical Revival which is on tour and some of the things you’ll love.

Should you see Side Show the Musical?

Yes, there are a ton of underlying themes.  You have a gay character who has to hide that he is gay.  You have a love story for an interracial couple and you also have a story about racism under all of the other themes.  The whole show is about taking chances and being brave.  It is about standing up for yourself regardless and to take a risk.

songs from side show the musical

songs from side show the musical

You’ll also love the music.  You have the classic songs as well as new ones.  The entire cast is amazingly talented vocal wise.  However one voice came out above the rest.  Charity Dawson who played the fortune teller stole the crowd with her vocals. When she sang you heard her, even in a chorus.  She has a warm and comforting voice and when you combine it with her ability to act and her facial expressions you always feel happy and at peace.  She’s kind of like a mom singing a lullaby to you at night.  Her voice is very clean, clear and comforting which made it perfect for the role and gorgeous to listen to.

Between the dancing, the music, the costumes and everything else, you have to go to see the revival of Side Show the Musical which is on tour and at the Kennedy Center.  It is a must see show this year.  I don’t say that about many shows, but this one is more than worthy of it.  I’m probably going to buy discounted tickets to go to hear the music again.  The show was that good.  Click here to buy tickets to Side Show the Musical on sale and the service offers most cities it will be touring to so don’t worry if you’re not in DC since touring cast of the revival of Side Show the Musical tickets will probably be on sale in your town too. side show at the kennedy center reviews

side show the freaks
side show the freaks


Side Show the Musical Reviews - Should You See It?
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Side Show the Musical Reviews - Should You See It?
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  1. BroadwayReviewed

    Someone from Side Show reached out to us to let us know that this is not a touring cast. If you want to see the redo of Side Show the musical, you have to go to the Kennedy Center…unless it goes to Broadway,,,which we hope it does.