Frozen, The Horror Movie – Love This!

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If you’ve been on a Frozen kick like the rest of the world…especially if you have kids or gay friends, you’re probably thinking that Frozen is actually more of a horror movie.  You’re tired of parodies, tired of Moms and Dads making fun of it and if you are a parent or have theatre queen friends, hearing it sung really off key.  I’m tired of all of the parodies as well, but definitely not tired of singing the showtunes from Frozen.  With that being said, I did find this randomly this morning and wanted to share.  It’s the Disney’s Frozen Horror Movie Trailer.  Be warned!

The thing we love about Frozen is that the Hero is a heroine instead of a guy. The hero has the super powers, not the villains. The true love isn’t a guy and a girl, gays or lesbians but is between family members and friends and it is a new twist on the classic style of a Disney musical. Now think about a typical Disney Movie or horror movies in general.

Villains have super powers, brothers, sisters and people you are close to can be the killers and the killers are the type A personalities. If you think about it that way, you can easily see how Marketing can twist this around to make it Frozen the Horror Movie instead of the family friendly film. I loved this parody and will try not to share any more…but I can’t promise.

I love how they took everything from the movie that was gorgeous and sort of scary and then turned it into a complete horror film version of Frozen.  They are missing the guy that was being pushed off of the balcony and they only do a quick clip of the guy who was being impaled by icicles.  They could have gotten a lot more with the slow moving ice towards his throat…but that may have also pissed Disney off, or made them laugh.

Anyways, let me know what you think about Frozen The Horror Movie Trailer and feel free to share your own favorite parodies of Frozen.