Mother’s Day Showtune for 2014 – Click Here to Find Out

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Each year I struggle with what to do for Mother’s Day showtunes.  One year I had mommy bloggers share their favorite Disney valentine’s showtunes and another I chose a song I love to sing for my mom or that makes me think of her.  I could always choose an anti-mother’s day showtune and take something from Annie or another show with orphan kids, but this year I thought of another.

This year’s showtunes for Mother’s Day is all about us kids with divorced parents and mom’s that are still single.  I love my mom and love spending as much time together as possible, but at the same time I hate knowing she is home alone and not in love.  Sometimes single mom’s can get depressed and even though they don’t need someone to marry, it doesn’t help that you get worried about them.  Other single mom’s use their divorce as an excuse to drive you crazy, get over involved in their kids lives and that is how I decided to choose this from hundreds of options of Mother’s Day showtunes.  BTW, if a Guy can sing Let It Go, then guys can completely take on this showtune for Mother’s Day.

Here is our pick for this year’s mother’s day showtunes, If Mama Was Married from Gypsy!

Ok, when I was in college I went to college in the same city my Mom lives in.  Unfortunately that meant she decided to stop by everyday making this song a bit to real for me.  I love my mom more than anything else, but at the same time I liked spending time alone, with my boyfriend who moved in with me and with my friends.  Unfortunately my mom co-signed on the apartment I was renting (I was a college student) so she also liked to randomly stop by completely unannounced.  That is why this is my pick for showtunes for Mother’s Day 2014.  It’s for the kids of Moms who get divorced and decide that it’s time to get really and overly involved in their kids lives.  Have an awesome Mother’s Day, don’t forget to call her or send a gift and feel free to share your own favorite showtunes for Mother’s Day by leaving a comment.