Passover showtune – The Deli Song by Elaine Brier

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Every spring we get ready for the Easter Bonnet contests at our favorite gay bars, sing Streisand’s version of Put on your Sunday blah blah blah, hearing Easter Parade or other Easter and hat related showtunes, and are tortured with Easter Bunny clips and showtunes like Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  What nobody does is share some amazing Passover showtunes!  Broadway wasn’t built by gays and Jews for nothing hunny and one of our favorite Cabaret Performers Elaine Brier doesn’t disappoint with her performance of “The Deli Song”.

As a quick heads up, there is some profanity in the song, but it isn’t real profanity once the joke is over.  Ok, to be honest, there are some good songs we could play for Passover Showtunes, but we haven’t shared a cabaret performance for a while, we love Elaine when we see her in NYC and she shared this video on her Facebook page so we decided to share it as well.

If you’re tired of bunnies and bonnets, try telling her favorite Jewish joke on behalf of the high holidays (I’m a Jew too so don’t tell me I’m being rude) and then make sure to like her fan page.  Elaine is an awesome performer and because this video is worth watching, it is our official Passover Showtune of the year.  Our people were free’d from slavery so we could create Broadway, make funny movies and perform cabaret numbers like this one.

If you like the Deli Song by Elaine Brier or have another favorite, please feel free to leave a comment below and make sure to like her page on Facebook.  Have an awesome Passover, a great Easter and we’ll do another post shortly with another showtune for Easter like we do every year.  However, now it’s time for our first and our favorite Passover showtune which is The Deli Song by Elaine Brier and performed at our favorite cabaret bar in NYC Don’t Tell Mama.  Have a great holiday no matter what you are celebrating and thank you again Elaine for the funny song and performance.  Happy Passover!