For Our Mommy Readers – Let It Go from Frozen – Your Style!

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So we have quite a few Mommy bloggers and Mommy readers that come every once in a while to visit.  They want a new showtune to listen to, see what we’ve been writing about and they love to comment which is something we love since our regulars only send private messages on Facebook and email.  Anyways, this one is for all of our Mommies who come and read our blog and who are as equally obsessed with Let it Go from Frozen.

I’m a gay guy and not a woman.  I am a god father and love my nieces and watching friend’s kids if they go out for a night, but I am very thankful that it isn’t my full time job.  I don’t know how Mommies can do it.  That’s why you are going to love the Frozen Let it Go video for Mommies.

Not only can most of you relate to the Mom in the Mommy version of Let it Go from Frozen, but you will end up wanting to share it…that is what you ladies do best and that’s also how I keep up with what’s going on in the world of deals, sales and most importantly, celebrity gossip!  Without you, we wouldn’t be here so this is my way of saying thanks to all of the Mommies who come to this blog, comment, share it and support it.  We love you!

Take a quick minute to “Let it Go” and have fun watching this funny parody of the Mommies version of Let it Go from Disney’s movie Frozen.  Thank you all again for reading, watching, sharing and commenting and we love you.  I also need to call my mom and say hi since it’s been a few weeks.  I know, bad son,,,but at least I’m remembering to do it and always send flowers for her birthday, Mother’s Day and also the holidays.  Enjoy the Mommy version of Let it Go from Frozen and feel free to comment, share this post and don’t forget to call your Mother and thank her for doing a good job if you aren’t a Mommy and you do find this post.