Twerkin in the Rain – Singing in the Rain Parody

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Todrick Hall has been making a name for himself with his parody videos and “Twerkin in the Rain” which parodies the classic showtune Singing in the Rain is amazing.  At first I was like great, a dumb freaking twerk video where they mash up a song, but Todrick Hall delivers an awesome parody like always with “Twerkin in the Rain”.  What I love is that he actually keeps the original theme and feel of the song by incorporating everything into the lyrics.

In “Twerkin in the Rain”, Todrick raps instead of sings for the majority but what I love is that he mentions the cast and the leading celebrities of the time like Fred Astaire and other greats.  He goes back and adds the original chorus from Singing in the Rain into Twerkin in the Rain and instead of tap dancing, he twerks to help keep everything remain consistent and with the theme of the video.  I think the only thing missing would have been having tap dancing while twerking…the girls could have come on tapping and broken out twerking from their splits, dancing and other poses.

Todrick Hall has been producing amazing parodies of movies like Mean Girls and has now started to take over broadway parodies lie Twerkin in the Rain. He is insanely talented and I hope you all subscribe, follow and pay attention because I am sure he is going to deliver some more amazing videos and parodies like Twerkin in the Rain.  This one might not be as close as some of you would hope to the original broadway songs, but Twerkin in the Rain is a perfect hit for me.

I hope you all enjoyed Twerkin in the Rain from Todrick Hall and if you have a different favorite Todrick Hall parody, or want to comment on this one, please feel free to comment below.  Also, please feel free to share this post with anyone else you think would like it.  Thank you again for reading and I hope Todrick Hall produces more broadway parodies like Twerkin in the Rain.  This one was amazing lol.  Thank you again for reading.