IfOnly.com a Seriously Cool Gift for Theatre Lovers

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A friend of mine recommended I work with this advertiser and to be honest and clear with you all, I am being paid to write this post.  However, with that said, it is a cool sounding service.  I haven’t tried using IfOnly.com, but I do trust the person who recommended it to me and if they do offer broadway packages like proposals on stage, meeting broadway stars, etc… then I would add them anyways.  So what is IfOnly.com and why am I in love with IfOnly.com and their gifts.  It’s easy.

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Have you ever watched a tv show where someone got an amazing meal from a top level chef or where their dream date happened and thought to yourself, ya right, “If Only” that happened in real life.  Well, that is the goal of IfOnly.com, to provide you with those types of experiences and unique gifts that could only happen it were real.  I’m a foodie and one of my other blogs is a cooking blog.  For me, the IfOnly.com cooking deals are amazing and something I would dream of.  Ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, you can give foodies a gift that they will never forget.  You can have Chefs like Tyler Florence cook a meal at your actual home or get an actual email with cooking tips from Michael Chiarello.  IfOnly.com is providing those dream experience that you think to yourself If Only they were real.  I kind of got a laugh out of it because I just saw If/Then and when I saw the name I thought of meeting Idina Menzel for dinner and thought If Only lol.  That would be cool!  My friend did see her in a bar here in DC.

Anyways, I will eventually try using IfOnly.com for a gift and see if it works, if it is real and if it is legit.  I also wrote to them saying that if they can make dream dates and things happen here are some that broadway fans would love.  Not that having dinner prepared by amazing chefs before a show wouldn’t be memorable enough.

5 IfOnly.com Broadway Experiences I Hope They Offer

5.  Getting back stage passes to watch the show from the sides.  Not only would you get to hear all of the sound, stage and cue calls, but you’d get to see what it’s really like to be in a show from the Actor and Crew Point of View.

4.  Sitting in the conductors pit.  This would be cool and completely doable.  The trick is having the seat so you can see the stage and experience the music from the instruments and not the speakers.

3.  Getting a backstage pass to meet the cast.  Again, this is doable, especially shows that are going to last for a long time.  It is memorable, would be an amazing date and is a perfect IfOnly.com experience.

2.   Getting on stage for a marriage proposal.  If you’re going to get married, you’re already going to spend a ton of money on the wedding.  Why not have an IfOnly.com proposal that will almost guarantee a yes and do a broadway marriage proposal like the ones in the post I linked to.

1.  A walk on role in an actual broadway show and taking a bow.  I think it was the Howie Mandel game show where you guess the suitcases to win $1 million, but they offered someone a chance of a lifetime, an IfOnly.com experience type of deal to give up and take the walk on role in a broadway show.  If they can do it, IfOnly.com could hopefully do it.  That is one of those IfOnly.com experiences that you would never forget.

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Anyways, hopefully they offer broadway experiences in their deals and packages eventually and one of these would end up on the list.  All of them are doable if the  shows last and would make amazing gifts.  Broadway fans love theatre, have disposable income and this would be something that they may actually go for.  If you’ve using IfOnly.com, please leave a comment below and let us know how it went.  I haven’t used them but eventually I probably will, especially if they offer a broadway type of package and it is a fit.