Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs – Because We Love Them!

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Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs and Videos

Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs and Videos


I love the Muppets.  When you combine happy music like Christmas Songs and happy things like the Muppets you cannot lose.  Because of that I wanted to do something to cheer myself up since I have the flu and post the top ten Muppets Christmas songs.  Although they are somewhat in order, there is no specific order for my favorite Muppets Christmas songs.  They are all amazing, funny have special guests or are just insane which is why I love them.  Here are my favorite Muppets Christmas Songs and I hope they help to cheer you up or make you feel better too.

10. The Bells Song with Beeker, Animal and The Swedish Chef

I had to start with the Ringing of the Bells done by the Muppets.  It’s classic Muppet humor with two characters that don’t speak clear words, one that yells and all three give an amazing performance making it one of the best Muppets Christmas songs.

9. Andrea Bocelli & David Foster sing Jingle Bells with the Muppets Christmas Video

8. Beeker’s Accapella “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas” Amazing!

This is another amazing performance.  I’ve posted a lot of talented people singing accapella versions and mashups but no one can pull it off like Beeker making this one of the best Muppets Christmas songs ever.

7. Miss Piggy singing Santa Baby

If RuPaul, Madonna and every other Diva can perform it, why not a spotlight “hog” like Miss Piggy.

6. John Denver sings the 12 Days of Christmas with the Muppets

5. The Cee Lo All I Need Is Love/Muppet Theme Mashup for Christmas

4. We Need a Little Christmas

This couldn’t be a broadway blog if I didn’t include the Muppets singing classic Christmas showtunes.

3. The Chickens Sing Joy to the World

You might remember when I posted the chickens singing Forget You by CeeLo Green, well any Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the chickens from the Muppets also singing Joy to the World.

2. It Feels Like Christmas from the Muppets Christmas Carol.

1. Sesame Street meets the Muppets

The number one Muppets Christmas songs and videos for this list has to be when the Muppets meet the characters from Sesame Street and sing a huge mix of Christmas Carols.

Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs - Love this!
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Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs - Love this!
If you love the Muppets & Christmas, check out our top ten Muppets Christmas songs & videos. You'll smile & laugh with this list of Muppets Christmas Songs