The Name Game – Jessica Lange & American Horror Story

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I have to admit that I stopped watching American Horror Story half way through the first season…but Coven has gotten me hooked!  I love it and cannot wait to watch it tonight.  We finally get to watch the war between the Coven and the Supreme, Voodoo vs. the Coven and the Supreme and Marie Laveau vs. the Supreme all go at it.  It won’t be a blood bath, it’ll be a massacre that I am excited to watch.   Not only are all of these ridiculous characters going at it, but you throw in an Axe murderer who is obsessed with Jazz music, a witch who switches sides and a bunch of Zombies that were brought back and are taking sides, we have a great war coming and it takes place in New Orleans.  With all of the excitement, I heard this video clip at DIK Bar in Washington DC on their Wednesday night showtunes and didn’t know it came from American Horror Story season 2.  I think I’m going to have to start from season 1 again and then watch all of asylum.

Not only is it Jessica Lange singing and playing a crazy woman and I think the Angel of Death, but it looks amazing.  It sucks that Glee is cancelled, but I stopped watching a while ago.  At least we have American Horror Story which is apparently getting better every season.  I hope they do a showtunes styled number this season so I can post it here as well.  If you love American Horror Story Coven and are watching tonight, feel free to leave a comment below or share this post.  I can’t wait to watch it and hope that you are as excited to see what happens with all of these groups about to go to war.  I think there may be another twist as well with the swamp witch.

Not only has she been bringing people back to life, but she has a hatred for the Coven and doesn’t trust them.  Some of the zombies are loyal to her and now that she is reviving an old council member, she may have her own force to go up against the coven and the Supreme with.  You also have the witch hunter that Marie Laveau hired to kill all of the witches who also married The Supreme’s daughter who also runs the school.  It’ll be interesting to see if he changes sides now that Marie has threatened him or if he goes after everyone and wipes them all out.  Feel free to leave your comments about American Horror Story Coven below and if you liked the show tonight or not.