All The Wrinkled Ladies

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Ok, now I have to be honest, I hate the Beyonce song “All The Single Ladies” when it first came out.  I despised it even more after Michael Meyers and Justin Timberlake parodied it on Saturday Night Live and I hated it even more when that is all they would play and play it 5 times a night in any club in Chicago.  I hated the song and would leave a bar if they started playing it or change the channel on my internet radio station until it was over.  That is until Glee took the song on.

When I saw Kurt perform it and his Dad bust him and then when he got to football team to try it I kind of had a new appreciation for it, but I still didn’t like it.  The song did become more tolerable but still not something  I was going to go crazy for, until I went to Sex in the City 2 and saw the fabulous Mz. Liza Minelli perform the song with two Liza Minelli Drag Queen Impersonators behind her.

When the Drag Queens that impersonate Liza Minelli get behind Liza and Liza Minelli impersonates Beyonce and performs the song that is when you change my mind and I begin to love the song.  Leave it to Liza to turn this song into a classic hit again and take the parodies to an even higher level.  With that said, I still wouldn’t buy or listen to the song on my own or go looking for more parodies but this one came across my facebook feed earlier today.  It is called all the wrinkled ladies.  All the wrinkled ladies is an all the single ladies parody that is not only done tastefully but it is actually funny.

The All the Wrinkled Ladies video starts out like you’d expect but instead of showing gross and disgusting images and trying to go overboard with it to get attention, they tastefully make a parody of the song and do it in a way that makes you laugh instead of making you cringe or get grossed out.  I personally like this video because not only am I having a fat day, but it completely worked for me today and didn’t make me feel bad about overeating all day.

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