Sister Act Touring Cast Reviews – Read Before Going

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Last week I went to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC to see Sister Act the Musical.  After reading the reviews of Sister Act the Musical I was very excited to see the show.  Who doesn’t love the movie version, sequins and a ton of singing nuns and gangsters going at it.  Unfortunately the show was nothing like the movie.  Even though the story lines were similar, the two are nothing a like.  The cast was amazing and very talented but the script wasn’t as good as I was hoping for and the music just didn’t do it for me.  We give Sister Act the Musical 3 out of 5 stars.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it, we actually do recommend you see it, it means we want to give you a couple of things to think about before you buy tickets to Sister Act the Musical.  (I do encourage you to see the show since it is fun to watch, it just wasn’t our favorite.  Lot’s of other people in the audience would disagree with our opinion.  I definitely do not think it is worth the cost of full priced tickets so use the banner below to see if they have sister act the musical tickets on sale in your city.)

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The cast was amazing.  The acting was incredible and all of the punchlines were delivered perfectly.  The sound was perfect, special effects and lighting was amazing and the costuming was hilarious.  Everyone did an amazing job.  The reason we didn’t like the show was the script.  We were hoping for some of the music or similar music styles from the movie.  The song in the clip above is one of the only fun ones that makes you happy and kind of makes you want to sing a long or smile.

Instead of the fun and easy to get spoofs and parodies from the movie, we were given a new score and new songs that not everyone understood, me included.  Although this isn’t a bad thing, they didn’t compare to the movie version and just didn’t get us as excited.  It could have been our mood that night or even that we loved the movie and were hoping for something more similar.  Unfortunately the musical version of Sister Act does not compare with the movie version music, lyric or song wise.  The only other thing that we didn’t like in the show was that the jokes were geared towards specific groups instead of the general audience.

The musical version of Sister Act has a ton of great jokes.  The problem is they are very targeted to specific groups.  There are gay jokes that gay people would get.  Broadway spoofs that only Broadway fans would pick up on.  There are jokes about Christianity that only Christians and Catholics could get and tons of others for specific groups.  Unlike Shrek the Musical where the Spoofs are fun for almost everyone, if the jokes aren’t geared towards you, you will sit there confused and possibly feeling left out or bored.  I was confused on a bunch of them but the person next to me explained them to me.  When there were ones that I got and they didn’t, I helped them understand them so it did work out.

Although it wasn’t my favorite show, it was a fun one to watch.  I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for the orchestra for Sister Act the musical, but if you can find a deal on broadway tickets, then I highly recommend going.  You can also sit somewhere besides the orchestra to save money which will make the show a great one to see.  The show is good, but we were hoping for something more similar to the movie.  Either way it is a fun one to watch, just not our favorite.  The cast is amazing and you will definitely enjoy them.