Top 20 Broadway Songs for Halloween Parties – Halloween Showtunes

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If you’re having a big broadway Halloween party, you need broadway songs for Halloween.  There are a million to choose from and you can even tie in broadway songs from movie musicals too…which would technically make the Halloween showtunes instead of broadway songs for Halloween.  Either way, instead of our normal top ten broadway songs list, we’re going with the top 20.  When you take a group of people that dress up in costumes and make up to pretend to be someone else 8 times a week, you might as well go overboard on a post about songs that everyone else gets dressed up to enjoy while having fun on the holiday.

broadway songs for Halloween

Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera

What better for a party then Halloween showtunes about getting dressed up in masks and ballgowns and dancing for Halloween on Halloween. The main song from Phantom is probably more popular, but when it comes to broadway songs or Halloween showtunes for a party, there is no other splendid one then this, just ask “Andre”.

The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

You can’t have a Halloween showtunes theme without one of the most famous and classic dances of all “time”, the Time Warp. The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show is above and beyond one of the most famous Broadway songs for Halloween and is a must have at every party, even if people used to be in the cast and sort of hate it. Everyone knows it, loves it and no one can resist dancing to this amazing Halloween Broadway song. If you don’t want the movie version, you can always surprise people by playing the version from the show. Both are great but only Broadway fans will love the show version more.

Little Black Dress from Shock Treatment

A lesser known but still one of the most fabulous Broadway songs for Halloween is Little Black Dress. It is from the sequel but also prequel of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In this scene they are dressing Janet in a strapless, backless and timeless little black dress. Not only do people love to look chic and elegant on Halloween, but you can’t go wrong with the sexy and slutty costumes making Little Black Dress one of the best options for Broadway songs for Halloween parties.

Mean Green Mother from Outer Space from Little Shop of Horrors

Nothing is more mean than a plant that wants revenge. When it comes to this man eating fly trap named Audrey, Audrey will show you who the real mean green mother from outer space is. Martians take a seat because this plant has an attitude and is ready to eat with this Halloween showtune!

Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical

There’s nothing that screams costumes and fairy tale creatures than Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical. Not only do all of the famous characters come out in costume, but they sing about being a freak and letting it fly. If you want funny or ridiculous costume themed broadway songs for your party, this is the Halloween showtune that you need to add to your Halloween showtunes list.

I Put a Spell on You from Hocus Pocus

I love Bette Midler and mention her every chance I get. Unfortunately I didn’t add her show Priscilla Queen of the Desert to this list, but I did add one of the most famous Halloween Showtunes to it, I Put a Spell on You from Hocus Pocus. Who better than to have on a play list than Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Better Midler.

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want something classic that lets everyone know what Halloween is about and that it is time to party, this is is one of the perfect Halloween Showtunes from The Nightmare Before Christmas for your playlist. This Broadway song for Halloween is an awesome way to start the party, dancing or whatever else you are doing. This is a must have if you are doing a theme with broadway songs and Halloween showtunes.

Necronomicon from Evil Dead the Musical

Evil Dead is one of the more classic movies for Halloween.  When they put it on stage they kept all of the blood and death without leaving anything for the audience to imagine.  That is why it made our top Broadway songs for Halloween list.

When You’re an Addams from Addams Family the Musical

One of the most well known and loved families that screams Halloween is the Addams Family. If you don’t know what it takes to be part of their family, or what it means, then When You’re an Addams from the Addams Family Musical is perfect for your playlist. Everyone will love it and it is a fun one to act out if you have a ton of Broadway people at your party.

Impossible from Cinderella the Musical

Nothing is “Impossible” on All Hallows Eve..just ask Lea Salonga or Brandy who have both starred in the role of Cinderella on Broadway. Impossible is perfect for Broadway songs and Halloween showtunes because it isn’t only about magic, it’s about going to a party and having an amazing time. This is a perfect song for any party and also a great way to bring the energy back up in a room if you have a lot of dark and depressing music.

A Little Priest from Sweeny Todd

What’s more Halloweenish than a song about a demon barber and cannibalism? Adding in Stephen Sondheim and a bunch of people to kill with puns about their jobs and careers. A Little Preist from Sweeny Todd is one of the best Broadway songs for Halloween.

Putting on the Ritz from Young Frankenstein

One of the most loved Halloween monsters has to be Frankenstein. When you combine classic showtunes with Mel Brooks and one of the most loved and feared monsters you get one of the best broadway songs for Halloween. Putting on the Ritz is a dancing and singing version of Frankenstein that will leave you laughing and once you hear it it will definitely make your playlist of Broadway songs for Halloween.

Day-O from BeetleJuice

If you were born in the 80’s you went to the Movies to see Beetlejuice and one of the most memorable scenes is the dinner with the possessed shrimp and cast singing Day-o. This Halloween showtune is one of the most popular ones on a playlist and will make everyone at your party dance. Even though the movie never completely made it to stage, yet, it could still be added to the best Broadway songs for Halloween easy because it is a Halloween showtune and a fun song to sing.

Magic Dance from Labyrinth

Nothing is more Halloweenish than David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. Combine Ogars, fire dancing monsters and goblins of every kind and you’ll have some of the best Broadway songs for Halloween.  It may be hard deciding which Broadway songs or Halloween showtunes to choose from. Because Halloween is all about monsters and mystery, Magic Dance from Labyrinth has to be on your playlist for broadway songs for Halloween.

The Desctruction from Carrie the Musical

Carrie isn’t only one of the most loved horror movies of all time, it also took Broadway by storm. This telekinetic diva will throw your mind into chaos while the stage goes flying, blood goes pouring and you hear some of the best Broadway songs for Halloween performed in front of you. I couldn’t choose which of the Broadway songs from Carrie the Musical to choose so I went for the big one which is when she is tearing apart the stage and covered in blood. This is the perfect scene and Halloween showtune for your holiday party. The prom songs were good but if you want Broadway songs for Halloween, The Destruction from Carrie the Musical is one of the best.

How Can I Say Goodby from Zombie Prom

Everyone is going crazy with Zombies right now so what better for our playlist than How Can I Say Goodbye from Zombie Prom. In this cult classic Halloween Musical you have everything a survivalist could want. Zombies, dancing and a sort of apocalypse.

Giants in the Sky from Into the Woods

There’s nothing more scary than an attack from the Sky, especially when you know it is coming from giant creatures that are ready to squash and kill. Spells, stones and nothing can kill these creatures so you have to work with witches, bakers and anything else at your disposal to try and kill these beasts. That’s why this is one of the best Broadway songs for Halloween from Into the Woods.

Murder Murder from Jekyll and Hyde

One of the more popular things in movies is to create a real situation where it could actually happen to you. Murderers and people who you wouldn’t expect to go crazy can, and that is one of the reasons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scare people. Adding one of the more morbid Broadway songs Murder Murder to your list of Halloween Showtunes playlist is the perfect way to add in one of the more scary broadway songs to your Halloween Party.

No Good Deed from Wicked

Who doesn’t love the classic costumes from Wicked. Dressing up as the Wicked Witch of the West or Galinda never gets old. When you tie in broadway songs about casting spells and saving lives you turn Broadway songs into the perfect Halloween showtunes which is why No Good Deed from Wicked makes our list of the top Broadway songs about Halloween.

The Master’s Song from Dracula the Musical

The most famous monster, costume and pop culture hero is the Vampire and there is no Vampire more famous than Dracula. When you take Dracula to Broadway, they may have had matinee’s during the day, but Dracula’s henchman is the one who has to take the stage. When you have to pick one of the Broadway songs from Dracula the Musical it has to be the fear and hurt in the voice and words from The Master’s Song from Dracula the Musical.

No matter what Broadway songs or Halloween showtunes you choose for your party you cannot go wrong with a Broadway theme. There are thousands of Halloween showtunes to choose from and broadway songs that your guests will love to sing. You can choose the witches from Wicked or the characters from Shrek. No matter which songs you add, everyone will enjoy the background with Phantom or even the murder from the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Feel free to leave your favorite Halloween showtunes and broadway songs in the comments section below. Happy Halloween everyone!