Video of How Can I Say Goodbye from Zombie Prom The Musical

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Quick, what do zombies crave? If you said brains, you may be right most the time, but not in How Can I Say Good Bye from Zombie Prom. In How Can I Say Good Bye from Zombie prom, Jonny the zombie still wants an organ. However, in this case it is heart, and it is not to eat – it is to love.

Jonny says that love is all he’s got, and if you think about it, he is right. He doesn’t even have full life or death. While I haven’t seen the entire movie, it seems that Jonny isn’t even allowed in his high school after turning into a zombie and that the principle holds a strong vendetta against him. Literally all that he has going for him is his love of Toffee, the girl he is after, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated – at least not immediately. That is why Jonny’s “skin is green and mood is blue.”

While How Can I Say Good Bye from Zombie prom starts off with Jonny looking solemn, dejected and almost crying after being thrown out of the school, you can tell that he quickly gains traction and support from everyone, except the principal. At first he is unnoticed by anyone in the library except for Toffee, but this wuickly changes.

First, Jonny gets a barber shop trio of harmonizing singers to back him up in his quest. By the time he infiltrates the lunch cafeteria, Toffee’s head is visibly swirling with hearts, and immediately after that he begins getting TV coverage. By 2:10 in How Can I Say Good Bye from Zombie prom, he has a killer stage presence and the whole school is singing along with him and supporting his cause – winning over Toffee. By the end of How Can I Say Good Bye from Zombie prom, he doesn’t sound upset anymore, rather Jonny sounds determined that he won’t say good bye to love, and that he will win over Toffee.

It’s nice to see a musical that paints zombies in a compassionate life. Sure, some zombies may be the undead and genuinely like eating people. But those are just a few bad apples. There are plenty of other, kind hearted and warm (well probably cold, because, you know, they are undead) zombies out there that just want to win over a special someone.

Will Jonny succeed in winning over Toffee’s heart? I don’t know, but fortunately the whole movie is up on YouTube, and is just over half an hour so you can figure out for yourself in no time. I just hope Jonny and Toffee don’t kiss – he has something far worse than mono, and there doesn’t seem to be any cure.