Special Interview with Chris Sieber (Beiber with an S) about Shrek The Musical on DVD

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I’m very excited to share an interview we just did with one of the stars of Shrek The Musical which is about to become available on DVD and BluRay, Chris Sieber. Before we talk about the interview, I want to thank Chris for taking the time to talk to us, and I encourage you all to buy Shrek the Musical on DVD and BluRay when it comes out later this month. We also have another special guest interview with another star from the show tomorrow, so come back and see what this well known and amazing Actor has to say. (The performance of the song he talks about is at the bottom of the post.  It’s not the actual performance but is of the song he performed.)  (I apologize for the low sound quality coming from the phone.  The microphone and speakers did not connect well.  When we post the second interview later today or on Monday we’ll make sure to have the phone speakers or recording speakers closer to the iPad.)

Here is our phone interview with Chris Sieber about Shrek the Musical and his role as Lord Farquaad. (The sounds breaks up at certain points so I have the questions below.)

1. What was it like going from a dramatic knight to a drama king/queen to a Drag Queen?

Chris got a laugh out of this (Thank god) and talked about how the characters can have some similarities.  He thought it was very funny that he’s always playing royalty in different broadway shows.  He plays kings, queens, princes and recently did a stand in in Pippin which was amazing.  He played an evil King for about 2 to 3 weeks within the show.  The main difference between love in his roles as different royalty in the Drag Queen vs. the Drama Queen is that the Drama Queen was more in love with Felonious.

2. Shrek the Movie makes fun of a lot of movies, tv shows and fairy tales. Shrek the Musical makes fun of a lot of Broadway shows. Your character in particular has a moment where you spoof one of the most iconic moments from the hit musical Wicked where you mimic Elphaba in her high note during Defying Gravity. What challenges did you have as an Actor and what did you do to try and help the audiences get some of the Broadway Show spoofs, if the audience members have not have seen a ton of shows.

Chris was very honest with this answer. He talked about there being only so much that an Actor can do and then you have to hope for the best. If you listen, he even performs how he did it at rehersal and why that performance is how that part was added into the show.  The main thing is that they have a group of amazing Actors and fun people, the full support of Dreamworks so when he went and tried to hit the high note as a joke, everyone laughed for about 30 minutes non-stop.  From that point on the high note became part of Lord Farquaad’s character and role.

3. The cast of Shrek the Musical is made up of some of the most funny and talented people on Broadway. The movie and show is all about imagination, creativity and having fun. With this much talent and energy, what was your favorite blooper from the show either on or off stage.

Chris talked about getting ready for the curtain to go up and all of the sudden Lord Farquaad’s legs breaking. He instantly called for the Stage Manager and said his legs were broken. Unfortunately everyone thought it was Chris’s legs and not Lord Farquaad’s legs. Everyone rushed around worried that he was hurt and eventually they found out it was the character and not him. They gave him the spare legs and the curtain went up about 5 minutes later. His version is much funnier if you can hear it.  (You can see a video of the routine below at the Tony Awards and why broken legs wouldn’t work.)

4. We were running out of time so I asked one last question. What is your favorite thing about Shrek the Musical on DVD and BluRay, the show and what should people look for?

Chris: “Me! Just kidding.” The thing people will enjoy is that the film crew captured the show like you are actually at the show. You’ll love the costumes and everything about the production.

I snuck in one last question which was a favor for one of our readers. Can you please say hi to Mr. Sean C. Huff?

Chris: Sean C. Huff? Hi Sean C. Huff, Chris Sieber here.

I’d like to thank Chris Sieber for the interview again and taking time out of his day. Tomorrow we have another interview with another Actor from the cast of Shrek the Musical. I encourage you all to go out and buy a copy of Shrek the Musical on DVD and BluRay and thank you again for your time Chris.