Leave it to Kristen Chenoweth to redefine Interventions

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Last night at showtunes night they played one of the funniest parodies I have seen in a very long time.   Everyone has made their own parodies of the hit tv show intervention but no one has come close to being as ridiculous as a broadway star and Diva.  Leave it to Kristen Chenoweth to not only take a show like intervention and not only make a parody of it but also turn it into a broadway styled song. It goes to show that you can take the Star off broadway and waste her talents on TV but you cannot take the broadway out of the Star.

Kristen Chenoweth is a very vocal activist and a constant voice of equal rights and human rights.  She also has an extremely big heart, but even with all of the PC crap that is out there and that celebrities have to be careful with they are still people to and Kristen definitely has a sense of humor.

We always see her laughing and having an amazing time and when I saw this parody of Intervention that she starred in it was great to get to see her perform in her stereotypical bubbly, fun and energetic happy personality but also in a way that was funny and a bit off color.  The Kristen Chenoweth parody is not only funny and off color but it really highlights her talents to be able to play other roles and shows she can do off color humor as well as regular PC humor.

I loved this parody but I do have to warn you before you watch that there is some language and more adult oriented topics in it so please do not play it somewhere where this may offend people around you.  Thank you EFN Lounge for showtunes night and for playing the Kristen Chenoweth Intervention Parody.