Cinderella Parody – Baby Got Back – The Shoes Version!

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If there is one thing we know about Cinderella on broadway, it’s all about the shoes.  In this parody of Baby Got Back the Broadway cast of Cinderella parody Baby Got Back and make it all about shoes.  Because who doesn’t love a pair of venetian glass slippers…unless they break.  There is actually a reason why I’m posting this on a Sunday.  It’s a way to lead into this week’s theme of showtunes.  I’m actually writing the posts right now so I make sure I don’t get lazy and forget.

There are some shows about love and some about falling in love.  There are others where you wait the entire time for the engagement and the wedding and that is what Cinderella is all about.  It’s about the poor girl who has a hard life getting to meet and marry the man of her dreams.  Yesterday my friend posted a broadway wedding proposal on my Facebook wall and I started crying.  It was absolutely amazing.

Although I’m not getting married, I did finally meet someone and was going to do a week of posts about falling in love, dating or meeting someone.  Instead after seeing the broadway propsal, I decided to do a week of showtunes about getting engaged or showtunes to listen to after or when you are engaged.  Weddings are some of my favorite things and I actually cried while writing tomorrow’s post.  (I was going to use this Cinderella parody with the cast of Cinderella singing Baby Got Back about shoes instead of butts, but decided to do this post today so I could keep the week all about  showtunes and broadway songs about getting engaged.)

Anyways, I am sure we’ll be seeing the Cinderella Shoes Song at every showtunes night now that the VJ has seen this post…since I’m sending it to him and because it is freaking hilarious.  The Cinderella shoes song is an awesome parody of Baby Got Back and even if you aren’t a huge broadway fan, but you did love the 90’s you’ll love this parody.  Thank you again for reading and share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you liked it.