Broadway Proposals – You have to watch these!

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Before anyone thinks I’m getting married, unfortunately nope, not yet, but I did meet someone…who will hopefully do something like this for me one day.  I always thought I knew how I’d want someone to propose to me.  We’d be dancing or at a show or even showtunes night and one of my favorite showtunes would play (I’m not saying which one), right after he would get on his knee and ask me to marry him.  The song, the food and the showtunes would be the perfect engagement.  If the guy knows me well enough he knows that is the perfect way to do it.  I always thought that having one of my favorite showtunes playing when I got engaged would be perfect, until I saw this.  The only thing I hope that would happen when I get engaged is that the orchestra would play one of my favorite showtunes about love, getting engaged or falling in love right after I say yes.

Apparently there are more people out there than me who love broadway and think that it is the perfect way to get engaged.  Broadway is filled with probably the most creative people in the world.  The musicians, costume designers, actors and everyone from the choreographers to the writers and even the producers.  When you combine all of it together, along with the love of 4D theatre and getting an audience involved you get some amazing proposals.  Here are 5 of the best proposals that people used a broadway show as a ploy to get their partner to say yes.  I actually cried while watching each.  Before you watch them, both gay and straight, try and guess how many said yes or no and then also guess how many are cast members with a partner and how many will be audience members getting engaged.

(BTW, this week is all about falling in love and engagement songs).

Cinderella – A Gay Marriage Proposal…Impossible?

This is the first one that I saw which inspired this post.  What do you think, will he say yes or no?  As your fairy godmother might say…”Impossible things are happening every day“.  Could you imagine someone asking you to marry them while standing in between Cinderella and the Prince and the entire cast dressed for a ball?

Godspell wedding proposal

Godspell is a 4D styled show that gets the audience involved at any chance possible.  Check out this couple which finds themselves getting engaged during a game of charades.  I won’t how nervous the groom was when waiting for the right page to turn.

The Lion King – Because sometimes you have a baby first

They already had a baby born on stage, let’s hope the couple doesn’t hold their first kid over the edge of a cliff with wild animals everywhere.  How cool would it be to get engaged in front of a giant cast of animals and then plan a honeymoon in Africa to celebrate.  That would be completely amazing!

Wonderland wedding proposal – Because you don’t know how far down the rabbit hole you’ll go.

Just like Alice, this lady didn’t know what she was getting into when she went to the theatre that night.

A Priscilla Wedding Proposal – Because it doesn’t get gayer or more fabulous than this.

Enough said, if you’re going to have a gay engagement, have it during a show that Better Midler produced, that is full of drag queens and tons of glitter, sequins and dance music.