The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Dating – Love These.

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broadway songs about datingI’ve started dating again and with that I started a new playlist of broadway songs about dating. Broadway songs about dating could be anything from remembering going on a date to just simply asking someone out. They could be about past dates or even warning people about not dating someone. The showtunes about relationships and taking someone out below are some of my favorite and there are tons of others. If you’d like to share your own broadway songs about dating, please feel free by leaving a comment.

Out Tonight – Rent

Out Tonight from Rent is one of my favorite songs about dating. It’s when you have someone who is depressed, still thinking about someone else and not ready to date yet. All of the sudden someone comes in out of nowhere and forces you to go out. These people are sometimes the most fun and if they don’t turn into a person you end up in a relationship with, they can be very good friends. I almost chose the other song between the characters, Would You Light My Candle or even the one between Tom Collins and Angel which is one of the most loved and gorgeous broadway songs about gay dating, but I was feeling a bit down when I wrote this so I thought I would do Out Tonight from Rent instead.

Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada – Avenue Q

This is one of the funniest showtunes about dating. It might be short, but My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada from Avenue Q is one of the best for this list as well. Not only is it offensive and has a ton of swearing in it, but it is all about a gay guy who won’t date because he is scared to come out of the closet so he makes up that he is dating a slutty girl from Canada. If you’ve seen the show then you were probably cracking up when the puppet sang it and if you have the cast recording, you’ve probably sang-a-long with this one and laughed. If you are somewhere were you can’t have swearing, skip over this video until you get home. Then make sure you listen because this is one of the funniest broadway songs about dating and relationships I can think of.

I Remember it Well – Gigi

Although the modern day remake of this was nothing like the show, especially because it wasn’t the show, I Remember it Well from Gigi is one of my favorite showtunes about relationships and remembering your first date. I Remember it Well from Gigi is all about an old couple who remembers their first date. The guy is a bit forgetful but the woman remembers everything perfectly. It’s one of those fun songs that you can easily clean to, drive to or just listen to in the background. I always forget about this one but it is definitely one of my favorites which is why it is on this list. We also needed one that was about remembering dating instead of going out on a date or during one.

A Boy Like That – West Side Story

This is one of the ultimate ones for this list. It is all about why you should not date someone. A Boy Like That from West Side Story is the ultimate of any of the broadway songs about dating to remind you to be smart. The guy Maria is about to date killed one of the Puerto Ricans and even though the Puerto Ricans would kill the Americans, they forget that both sides are dangerous. It’s the same as Romeo and Juliet except this takes place in NYC and is between White people and Puerto Ricans that make up two Gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. A Boy Like That takes place when one of the older Puerto Rican girls warns Maria about dating someone from the opposite side that they are at war with.

One Normal Night – The Addams Family

Who would have guessed that when Wednesday Addams grew up and the family went to Broadway she’d fall in love? I was going to use the Moon and Me which is the song about Fester Falling in the Love and dating the Moon, but One Normal Night is completely better and sets the tone for the show. When you finally hit a stage in dating that you get serious, you will probably have to introduce the person to your family. In this case you have a conservative mid-western family meeting The Addams Family. The two kids are warning their parents to behave and praying that for some reason neither side will screw things up. If you’ve ever brought someone home to meet your family, One Normal Night is the perfect showtune about relationships for you.

Put on Your Sunday Clothes – Hello Dolly

Put on Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly isn’t just an amazing showtune about relatioships, it’s also perfect for this list because it’s all about two friends going on a date in New York City and picking up girls to go on dates with while in New York City. Ribbons Down My Back is another good one for this list because it’s about dating after you have been divorced or widowed and building your confidence up, but because I wanted to keep this list upbeat and happy, I thought Put On Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly was a better choice.

Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

Since I didn’t have any songs about being on a date, here is one sung by someone who is trying to push a couple of people together for their first kiss while on a date. Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid is the ultimate in broadway songs about dating for people already on a date. It’s about that awkward moment where you both want to hold hands, or get close or kiss each other and know the other person wants to, but you can’t get yourself to do it. Unfortunately not all of us have a friend near by to help make it happen so we need to get the courage to do it. Luckily some of us just go for it, a few of us have a friend who will help and then there is the rest of us that chicken out and let the moment go by.

How Does She Know – Enchanted

If you’ve ever wondered if someone liked you or not, or if you were the right person for someone, here is a showtune that is all about that question and feeling. How Does She Know from Enchanted is basically a Disney Fairytale come to life in New York City and is all about knowing if someone likes you or not. It talks about trying to pick up on signals as well as relying on what you gut is telling you. It is probably one of the best showtunes for this list and one that I never really liked a lot but love to sing a long too. I have a definite love/hate relationship with this showtune.

I’m Telling You – Dream Girls

If there is one song that is anything more than being in a bad relationship and not wanting to let it go, it is I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls. The main character is in love and not wanting to let her boyfriend, lover and life go. She demands his attention and refuses to let everything end. In this amazing and depressing song, you’ll see a women pour her heart and love into a man who controls everything from her love and her life to her career and her future. Not only is this one of the best songs about dating and being in a bad relationship, but it is one of the most heartfelt and loved broadway songs of all time.

As We Stumble Along – The Drowsey Chaperone

To finish this list I wanted to use one that is all about life and dating and everything else. As We Stumble Along from the Drowsey Chaperone is a song about being married and having the person pass on, dating and love and living life. It’s about every aspect of it and especially about husbands, love and relationships. It’s the perfect way to finish off this list.

There are a ton of shows I could have thrown in like “The Life” which was all about prositution (I actually had a date with someone who turned out to be an escort), That one was odd or even romantic broadway songs about dating from shows like Phantom of the Opera. I could have used Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie or even Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair from South Pacific, but there are way too many broadway songs about dating and relationships that I couldn’t actually post them all. I probably could have done a top twenty list, but this already took a while to post. Anyways, thank you again for reading and please feel free to share your favorite broadway songs about dating and relationships.

Top Ten Broadway Songs about Dating & Relationships
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Top Ten Broadway Songs about Dating & Relationships
The top ten broadway songs about dating & relationships, Love songs and broadway songs about dating could be anything in the world. Here are out top ten.

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  1. Sharon Greenthal

    This is a great list! Another fave about dating/relationships: “Take Back Your Minks” from Guys and Dolls.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Hi Sharon,

      That is an awesome showtune. Thank you for adding it to the list.

  2. April

    Found you through your guest post on Since My Divorce. Have you heard the new musical, “First Date”? For this list, I would recommend “First Impression.”

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Hi April,

      Thank you for the comment. I haven’t ever heard of it. I’m going to go check it out right now if there is a clip on YouTube. =0)

      Thank you for the comment!