On Broadway from Smokey Joes Cafe – Showtunes about being on Broadway

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In the song On Broadway from Smokey Joes Cafe you get to hear about a bunch of people dreaming of what it would be like to get to perform on stage in an actual broadway show. If you’ve ever wanted to be an Actor or went to Theatre school, you can definitely relate to the characters in this song. They are all singing about what it must be like to be on broadway. They sing about the neon lights and how they are brighter as well as everything else you picture and think of when you are dreaming about being on Broadway. That’s one of the reasons that On Broadway from Smokey Joes Cafe made our list this week about Showtunes about being on Broadway.

Unlike yesterdays showtune I Hope I Get it from A Chorus Line, this one is about people sitting around singing about being on broadway, not actually auditioning. It’s one thing to dream about being on stage and it’s another to go out there and try doing it. It’s fun to think about but the rejection, comments on looks, voice, talent and everything else can almost and actually cause some people to get suicidal. When you dream about it everything seems amazing. When you are auditioning everything is a nightmare, scary and causes serious anxiety.

Even if you kill an audition, you still have to wait and see if they call you back. Sometimes you have to see others perform or can hear them. Other times you are performing and competing with other people in the same room at the same time. Some auditions you can walk in and not know anyone, but the person next to you is friends with the Producer and they know each other by name and hug. Auditioning is worse than just dreaming about what it is like to be on stage. That’s why I thought that On Broadway from Smokey Joe’s Cafe is the perfect showtune to follow up on after yesterdays Showtunes about being on Broadway. This is one of my favorite showtunes about being on Broadway because everyone likes to think about being on stage but not everyone has the guts to go out and do it.