I’m the Greatest Star from Funny Girl – Showtunes about Broadway & Performing

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How could I not put something on from Funny Girl. Although Don’t Rain on My Parade is the more famous one from this show, I’m the Greatest Star from Funny Girl is the perfect showtune starring Barbara Streisand singing about why she is the perfect person for the role in a show. It’s literally about why she is amazing and the greatest star in the world, but no one knows it. Technically she isn’t playing herself, but at the same time you have it in the back of your head that she really is singing about herself or when she was first starting out and looking for a break.

I love the line about her nose, her voice and then the line that the first wives club stole about hundreds of facial expressions. In the First Wives Club Goldie Hawn says something like “Emotions? I’m an Actress, I have every emotion!”. When Barbara sings about being able to laugh or being a natural cougher or all of the faces and expressions she makes I always picture Goldie’s flip out. What I’m surprised about is how little this song is used for auditions or as inspiration by Actors and Actresses going to school for theatre.

You always hear easy songs like On My Own or Corner of the Sky or even Don’t Rain on my Parade. I’m the Greatest Star would be extremely bold to audition with or sing, but it’s also an insanely hard song to do. It has all of the hard notes from Don’t Rain on my Parade, has a ton of places to act and changes tempo, pitch and key an insane amount of times. It really is an awesome song to use if you are going to audition for a school or a local theatre production. Broadway may look down on you for doing it, unless you really are able to belt out the song. Anyways, I’m the Greatest Star from Funny Girl is one of my favorite showtunes about Broadway and Performing. It’s about not giving up, knowing you are amazing and constantly pushing yourself further because you know you will eventually get a role or whatever you are trying for.