9 People’s Favorite Things – Title of Show – Showtunes about Broadway Songs

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This week everything is about showtunes that are about broadway songs. There are tons of shows that have run or are still running like Curtains, A Chorus Line, 42 Street, Phantom of the Opera, The Producers, Funny Girl and a Million more that are all about putting on a broadway show or a show in general. Other musicals have songs specifically dedicated to being in a show, starring in a show or putting on a broadway show. Because of that I wanted to do a dedicated week to broadway songs about broadways songs and the characters that sing them. I think my favorite one to start off with is 9 People’s Favorite Things from the off-broadway show [Title of Show].

[Title of Show] which starred Seth Rudetsky is all about some people that want to write, produce and put on a show. I’m sure everyone reading has thought about writing a script or music before so you can sort of relate to this. In the song 9 People’s Favorite Thing from Title of Show the writers realize that it isn’t all about being the best show in the world, it’s about being a show that means something to people. Your show doesn’t have to be a blockbuster and run for a million years like Wicked, Cats or probably The Book of Mormon, unless your goal is to do a giant make a ton of money show. Instead, some writers and producers care about getting a message across and having at least a few people love it and understand what you were trying to say. That’s why I love this song and think it is the perfect way to start this week’s posts.

9 People’s Favorite Things from Title of Show is an awesome song about getting through to someone and getting them to understand what you were thinking, what you want and to love the work you’ve produced. It’s great to have a hit song that everyone goes crazy for, but to actually create something that someone will love and remember forever is another thing. That is the goal of the characters singing 9 People’s Favorite Things from Title of Show. Sometimes for artists its about getting something through instead of having a ton of people like it. Those few people that loved your work mean more to you than the rest who clapped, left and forgot about most of the show later on. That’s why I love this song. Unfortunately the show is no longer running, but you may be able to find a local cast doing it.