Let the Sunshine In from Hair – Showtunes about Sun and Sunshine

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If you want a different take on showtunes about sun or sunshine, you can think about the musical Hair. In this showtune about sunshine the cast is using the sun as a metaphor to let freedom in, stop the way and stop hating people. Just like the entire show, everything in it is a metaphor and means something other than what they are saying.

Hair means freedom and being free, sunshine is to let your heart open up and stop being naive. It can also be to help end the war and open your eyes that it is not a good one or one we should be fighting. Just like with other showtunes about sunshine, sunshine is being used to bring in light, happiness and health. It wants to bring back our people who are fighting in the war and make everyone happy and love each other. Sunshine is a warm thing when we think about it.

When you are at the beach or walking in it you feel the warmth and goodness from it on you. When you are depressed and look out the window or go out into the sunshine, it can make you smile. It can feel warm and calm you when you’re upset and can even feel like love to some people. Some of the reasons I could never live in London or Seattle or other cloudy cities is that I need the sun to live. It helps to keep me happy and upbeat, it helps to make me want to smile and get through the day happy. I don’t know where I’d be without the sun, especially when I get depressed. That’s why I think so many shows like Hair use the sun and sunshine in broadway songs to be able to show a feeling of happiness, health and love. It is warm, helps to heal you and makes you feel safe inside. That’s also probably one of the reasons that Let the Sunshine in is one of the best and most loved broadway songs about sunshine and from the movie and musical version of Hair.