Cinderella at the Tony’s – OMG I Want to See The Show! Buy Tickets Here

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Buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale

After seeing the performance from the cast of Cinderella on Broadway, I have to see the show.  I already wanted to buy tickets to Cinderella on Broadway, but I wanted to see other shows first like Kinky Boots when I go to NYC.  Cinderella the musical has always been one of my favorites.  I love the cast recording, the soundtrack from the movie version and everything about the show.  It is an amazing twist and whether it is the stage version, Brandy and Whitney or even Lea Salonga, the show is amazing.  Here is the clip from the Tony awards and then why I love the show and everything else.  You can buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale by clicking through the shopping list on the video player or by using the banners to the right as well.

So why do I love Cinderella the musical on Broadway?  Simple, I used to sing it with my mom when we would drive to school in the morning.  We loved watching the Disney movie version of the show so we bought the soundtrack and started to sing a long.  It quickly became one of our favorites and I have a ton of great memories from the show.

One of my favorite songs starts when Cinderella is sitting cleaning the house and sings “In My Own Little Corner”.  I would choreograph this and dance around as I was cleaning my room when I was younger…yes that should have been a huge sign for my family, and then I would start singing “Impossible” after I would finish.  Later on when I got a dog we both used to sing the waltz song “Ten Minutes Ago I Saw You….” when we adopted him, so the show became a fun part of our lives.

When you go to see a show, you go for either the special effects, the talent of the cast or because they have amazing dancing and costumes.  What I love about this one is that when you buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on broadway, you not only get the amazing costumes and dancing, but you get music that you will love, talent with the Actors and everything else that you could ever want.  There aren’t a million special effects, but the props and scenery is absolutely amazing which you can easily see from watching the video above of the performance at the Tony Awards.

If you are going to NYC and not sure what show you want to see, you should definitely buy tickets to Cinderella the musical on sale.  You can buy them by clicking on this link or by clicking on the link on the video player above.  Thank you again for reading and if you have seen Cinderella on Broadway or love the show as much as we do, feel free to leave a comment below and to share this post or the video on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.