Stepsister’s Lament from Cinderella – Ryan apparently likes it!

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I just checked out The Stepsisters’ Lament from Cinderella on Broadway and it was awesome! Rodger and Hammersein’s Cinderella (which has been racking up Tony nominations left and right) has just announced that it will go on a nationwide tour. So, having only seen the Disney movie, I decided it was time to check out the theatrical version and decide if I should buy tickets for Cinderella on Broadway. After watching The Step Sisters’ Lament, I can’t wait to buy discounted tickets to Cinderella on Broadway and see the show when it comes touring near me.

As demonstrated by the Stepsisters’ Lament from Cinderella, the musical’s narrative largely stays in line with that of the classic Disney movie; so if you enjoyed the movie, then you will probably enjoy the Broadway production too. The stepsisters are clearly just as jealous, ignorant, self-indulgent, and cruel as they were in the cartoon version. However, I would argue that they definitely take the singing up a notch, as this may be the best duet I have ever seen.

The Step Sisters’ Lament from Cinderella takes place right after the cruel stepsisters realize that the Prince has chosen the “unusual” and unknown girl (Cinderella) as the belle of his ball. As the stepsisters quickly make clear, they are not afraid to let everyone know how angry and bewildered they are. The song has great costuming, witty lyrics, and plenty of comedy. I think that my favorite parts were the comparisons they kept making. For example, saying that her cheeks are not even pinker than roses, she was only as dainty as a daisy, that she was “merely” lovely, and that she certainly was not a usual girl like the stepsisters.

In addition to the lyrics, the casting and costuming in the Stepsisters Lament from Cinderella on Broadway was also fantastic. After all, mean people are easy to laugh at. Who does not want to chuckle over a disgruntled and violent man in drag and a rather rotund, very cruel woman? Especially when they are asking ridiculous questions about why the prince skips over them, instead choosing a beautiful girl that even they are unable to find a flaw with. After watching the Stepsisters’ Lament, I plan on buying tickets to Cinderella on Broadway just to see the stepsisters’ reaction when they find out that the girl that the prince chose is Cinderella.

One of the things that I really like about The Stepsisters’ Lament from Cinderella is that it shows how jealousy and greed can warp people’s perceptions. The stepsisters are literally singing about how perfect Cinderella is, but their minds are so twisted with pride, ignorance and envy that they cannot even realize this. Each of their insults is a backhanded compliment, and the best that they can do to degrade Cinderella is talk about how they could break her arms and pull her hair out. Neither of these ideas is likely to help them with the prince, but they are too mean and delusional to even notice or care.

Considering that Cinderella on Broadway has been nominated for the best orchestration, as well as the best costume, lighting and sound design of a musical in addition to many other awards, it is definitely a show worth seeing. Unfortunately, as of the time this post was written, the tour had not announced its dates and locations. However, it will be nationwide, so you should be able to expect that the production will be stopping in many major cities. To buy discount tickets for Cinderella on Broadway in New York, or for the tour when they become available, you can click on the banners below.

Here’s what it may look like on stage:

Here’s Audra McDonald performing it as well: