Camp the Movie about Theatre Camp Reviewed – Buy Camp Here!

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My friend and I do musical sundays where we cook dinner and watch a movie musical or movie version of a musical. This week we ended up seeing Camp the Movie about a musical and theatre camp show up in the movies we could rent so we decided to watch. He had seen this movie before and loved it and I had seen the previews for it years ago on other movie’s trailers.

Camp the movie is all about a bunch of gay kids and fag hags that go to musical theatre camp together.  They have been going every year since they were little and have all become close friends.  Then all of the sudden everything changes when an actual straight male camper shows up and creates a ton of drama for everyone.

The movie features everything from a drama queen to an abusive and demanding diva.  An undermined, backstabber, the sweet girl who gets screwed over by the guy and then ends up with him, the gay guy who gets bashed for doing drag and a ton of performances including an awesome version of Turkey Lurkey Time, Ladies Who Lunch and a surprise appearance from Stephen Sondheim.  The movie is absolutely campy which is why Camp is the perfect name for a movie about musical theatre camp.

With quotes like “Have you every experimented with heterosexualtiy?  You mean slept with a straight man?” to the girl who was screwed by the Diva, poisoned her and then stole her role with this quote “What in the hell are you doing here? l knew you’d be discussing stopping the show, and l just thought how disappointed the kids would be. – You scheming little bitch! – Please! l’m a child. lf you think for one… Save the speech, rummy. She’s fucked, l’m ready, and the goddamn show must go on. So let’s get cracking, shall we?”, you will be laughing during the entire show.

The movie covers everything from what it’s like to audition for shows.  How hard it can be to be told your fat and also show you what it’s like to compete with other people who won’t stop until they get their way.  You see gay issues, straight issues, teenage issues, self esteem issues, issues with parents who think their kids aren’t perfect so they try to make them perfect, parent issues because their kids are gay from the gay kid’s perspective and everything else you could think of.  The movie is awesome and I highly recommend it.  If you love Sondheim music and funny quotes, or have ever wanted to become an Actor, this is the perfect movie for you to watch.