We Just Had Sex – Well We Didn’t – From Passing Strange the Musical

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This is a guest post from a friend.

Here in DC we seem to have skipped spring and jumped straight to summer. When I came across We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange, I knew right away that I had found a perfectly steamy Broadway song match the weather here. The song is so warm and surreal I that it captivated me right away and made me think of how this weekend I would finally be able to walk around out in the sun without being bundled up. We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange sounds just as dreamy and happy as I feel about the sun coming out and bringing along beautiful weather after the long winter.

Right off the bat, We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange is warm, spicy and inviting, yet at the same time cool and relaxing. The jazzy and tangy intro lets you know that it is going to be fun, funky, and saucy. No time is wasted diving right into the subject matter – people that just had sex and are totally ok with it. I don’t think I have ever heard a song that is so innocent, non-chalant, and even cute about such a sensitive subject. It is this lackadaisical attitude that makes We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange so hilarious.

As soon as the girl kicked off the song with the statement, “we just had sex” I found it impossible not to grin. Her wide-eyed eagerness and frankness in sharing what she had just done, along with her bedhead hair style was just too much for me to watch and keep a straight face. When a song is titled “We Just Had Sex” and opens up with the same lines, you have to wonder where they will take it from there. I was a little worried that they had peaked too early and the humor would fizzle out, but my fears were relieved as soon as the next verse launched with “We just had sex / that’s right all three of us.” While the song becomes increasingly kinky, it always maintains the innocent, unashamed, and non-graphic tone that it opened with. This is because the whole piece seemed to be arguing that sex is natural and not a big deal. As the cast makes clear, they don’t need any feelings of guilt or to make a big deal of it — except for how much fun it was. They just had sex and even though “you might think it’s quite risqué / It’s the European way!”

My favorite part, other than the tune (which is enraging everyone else in the apartment as I keep humming it) was the guitar player who gets caught stroking his instrument’s neck up and down. Yes, I know I said the song was non-graphic…. it is also called “We just had sex” so I was speaking in relative terms. The other highlight of it for me was watching the younger man at center stage in the button up shirt. To give a little context, he is a young American man from 1970’s Los Angeles on his first trip to Europe — and in this song he seems to be blown away with the culture and absolutely loving it. I thought it was great how he was so ecstatic and excited, especially considering how he contrasts with everyone else’s cool and casual attitudes.

We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange had me cracking up intermittently for almost an hour after I saw it. I feel like this is quite a noble achievement, especially considering that the song is less than two minutes long. With its funny lyrics and cool, surreal groove, I am seriously looking forward to putting it on my iPod and going for a stroll under the capital’s cherry blossoms while singing along to the lalala part.