Glee Bears Say a Little Prayer

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Ok so the name of this post sounds hilarious or at least a little odd.  If you are a Gleek and have been watching all the Gleeky Videos in the Gleekdom and on then you have to have come across the Glee Bears performing Quinn’s I Say a Little Prayer tryout routine for Glee.

In keeping with the Gay Theme this week starting with my depressed post and the song I put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies to the post last night of I am What I am from La Cage Au Follies because of Kurt’s Dad’s speech to Fin on Glee I figured lets take the gay up a notch even further and share the Say a Little Prayer for You Bear Glee Routine.

Not only did Julia Roberts take this song to new heights with her movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but people have fallen in love with it over and over again since then.  Not only did it become an instant gay icon song after Julia had it in her film but after Quinn did it in Glee with the Cheerios and the Bears redid it they brought it back to fame and even added some serious comedy to it.  There is nothing funny about being gay but there are funny and fabulous spoofs and these grrls know how to spoof a show.

Here is the actual version from the show Glee with Quinn and the Cheerios and then after you’ll find the Bears perform Say a Little Prayer Video from the TV show Glee.  I hope you get as many laughs as I got and as the Bears got from doing this and the cast of Glee, especially Quinn and the Cheerios have to have seen this by now since they are new celebrities and probably scour the web looking for reviews and spoofs.  Lets face it, you aren’t a real diva or celebrity until you have Drag Queen impersonating you and what is the next best thing to a drag queen, a bunch of queeny bears with a video camera and access to Youtube.  Enjoy this video and leave a comment if you liked it.

Here is Quinn and the Cheerios singing and performing I Say a Little Prayer.

Here are the bears performing I Say a Little Prayer from Glee.