La Cage Au Follies I am What I am

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So after tonight’s amazing speech by Kurts Dad on Glee about his son being gay and why it is absolutely not ok for people to call things “faggy” or a “fag” or say things like “that’s gay” I figured there is only one thing I could post tonight and that is the video for the song I am what I am from Harvey Fierstein‘s La Cage Au Follies.

This song shocked audiences at the end when they watched a cast of gorgeous dancing women closing a show with amazing costumes and make up and fabulous choreography.  It is about being proud of who you are and what you and just expressing yourself.  Although Kurt did go above and beyond and was pretty ridiculous with Fin on the show, he still just did what he felt was right and his heart was in the right place.  For Fin to go off was expected and although Kurt’s Dad’s reaction was a bit over the top it really got the point across and was absolutely necessary.

He pointed out that you don’t use the N word with Black people or in General or call the girl on the Cheerios a Retard.  He made Fin realize that by calling things faggy or saying something is gay it is the exact same as calling that girl a retard or a black person the N word.  You just cannot call people gay or make comments like that without it being offensive.  With Kristen Chenoweth’s comments back to Newsweek and this recent episode of Glee, I could only think of playing one video and showtune tonight and that showtune is I am what I am from La Cage Au Follies.

It is not ok to call people gay or discriminate and it is even worse to try and hide who you are.  This song is an anthem for many people and I know you are going to love it as much as I do.