You’ll Never Get Away From Me – Gypsy – By Wendy DelMonte

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This week I asked a bunch of Mommy Bloggers to guest post for me and share a showtune that means something to them for valentine’s day. Each one surprised me with their posts and I was excited reading about what they chose. Some wrote about their kids, others about their husbands and some just wrote about why they love the song. The first post is from one of my favorite mommy bloggers, Wendy Delmonte from Weight’s Over. Wendy’s blog is about weight loss and has a million great ideas for exercise, recipes and healthy living.

wendy delmonte in gypsy

wendy delmonte in gypsy

I love Theater and  I love theatrical music.  Living in Westchester County, New York, while in high school it was a 25 minute train ride to New York City and Broadway Matinees.   But my very favorite theater  song of all time isn’t from a show I saw- it was from a show I was in.

I was a theater geek.  We had a very active theater program at our school of which I was a part.   Like most drama clubs, we were a tight group who hung out together all the time. We were all friends.   We performed a lot of plays- Our Town, Grease; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Voices From the High School, Camelot, Prisoner of Second Avenue, Bye, Bye Birdie, and my favorite, Gypsy.   Yes, it helps that I had the lead , Rose, but  in hindsight, it’s even more  special because my husband , Dave, played Herbie, my love.

In fact, all throughout High School, he played my other half.  Pretty much in every show we were in together, we were partnered up.  We never dated, though. We were friends , but never more.

We had this duet in Gypy:

You’ll never get away from me.
You can climb the tallest tree.
I’ll be there somehow.

True, you could say, “Hey, here’s your hat.”
But a little thing like that
couldn’t stop me now.

I couldn’t get away from you,
even if you told me to,
so go on and try.
Just try and you’re gonna see
how you’re gonna not at all
get away from me.

We sang that in High School.  In fact, we had a stage kiss after this duet and I refused to kiss him.  We were just friends. We hugged instead. Little did I know HE wanted that stage kiss. He meant that song.  As soon as he got home from college, he looked me up.  We did a lot together as friends- lots of karaoke and Community Theater.  He sang to me, we sang together. We fell in love.  I hadn’t gotten away from him, after all.  I am so glad!

When we got married, our priest made fun of the fact that I refused to kiss him on stage. We sang this song, together, at our reception.

wendy delmonte

wendy delmonte

Because Wendy lives in Connecticut, here is another fabulous lady who lives in Connecticut performing You’ll Never Get Away From Me.

Wendy writes about losing weight  and healthy living all while raising a family at  You can follow her on Twitter at @weightsover and her Facebook page