Scooby Doo the Musical on Tour – Find Cheap Tickets Here

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I just saw a commercial for a brand new show called Scooby Doo the Musical which is now on tour. This looks like one of the cutest musicals for kids. It features the entire cast, a ton of special effects like smoke machines, awesome music and all of your favorite characters, including a spooky a ghost. I’m completely tempted to go, but I want to find a couple of friends who would also want to see it because it is kind of embarrassing to go to a show for kids by yourself. If you are looking for cheap tickets to Scooby Doo to Musical on sale, click here to visit my post on how to buy broadway tickets on sale and you will more than likely be able to find Scooby Doo the Musical tickets on sale for whatever city you are in.

Everyone loves Scooby Doo. I think we all remember watching him and his friends Freddy, Velma, Dafne and Shaggy solve mysteries and were all excited when they would take the mask of the monster or bad guy in the show. The show has been on for decades and brought in a ton of celebrities and changed over the years. You have Scooby as a puppy, as an adult, you get to meet his family members and now in the new version, you find out that the gang isn’t actually even the first group of teenage mystery solvers and they are just picking up where the others had left off. Not only is Scooby Doo an American Icon that everyone knows around the world, but Scooby Doo the Musical looks like they are keeping the original cast, costumes from the original show and it keeps with the original theme. I hate when shows that are based on a tv show or movie take away everything you loved about the show and create something brand new. Because Scooby Doo the Musical looks like they are keeping everything, including the story lines, I am completely excited to go see it.

If you’ve already had a chance to see Scooby Doo the Musical on tour, please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think. It would be great to have some feedback on what age group it’s good for and even if it is also fun for adults who grew up watching the tv show. You can also find tickets to Scooby Doo the Musical by clicking on the banners in the post I linked to above about finding broadway tickets on sale. Thank you again for reading and if you go to see the touring cast, come back and let me know what you thought of it.