Put a Little More Mascara On – La Cage Au Follies

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Sorry for not posting recently but I have just been really down lately.  Sometimes things in life just suck.  You may not be happy with the way you look, you wonder why certain people are allowed to keep their jobs when all they do is cause problems at work and add no serious value, when you lose a friend or fight with your partner or just have a break up.  Tons of things can cause you to feel like crap.

I had a pretty rough week and although I shouldn’t let it get to me I am for some reason.  To be honest I am not completely happy with a few things in life and I started making the horrible decision of feeling bad for myself.  Tonight I came across one of my good friends who is insisting I leave my apartment and come hang out with him and his friends.  Sometimes the best wisdom can come from the least likely sources.

My friend that has invited me out and that I am going to go meet up with is a Drag Queen from Washington DC, there is no show like a drag show or broadway show, and although normally people wouldn’t take their advice as serious as others, there is wisdom in almost everyone and sometimes it takes a queen to talk some sense into everyone.  It also got me to think of a song from one of my favorite shows written by Harvey Fierstein.  Put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies.

Not only is the song about being able to lift yourself up and pull yourself out of a slump when you’re depressed, but it is about being able to transform your mood with just a couple small changes.

It isn’t about everyone should do drag but mascara can be anything from a trip to the gym to a new outfit or even just a new movie or book.  Basically mascara can be anything about what makes you happy and can help bring your spirits up.   For me my mascara tonight is going to be going to a retro night with my friends and just forgetting about all of the crap that upset me this week and actually enjoy myself.   If you need a little mascara watch the video for Put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies and then come back and share what your mascara is.  My Mascara is being with my friends and knowing that they love me and would like to thank Broadway Legend Harvey Fierstein for creating the song I put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies.