One Woman Disney Show vs. One Man Disney Show – Who Do You Like Better?

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I found this video of a girl with an ok voice and a ton of creativity. Although she doesn’t have the most amazing voice, she is talented with video and able to sing on key which helps her to harmonize her voice and make her sound awesome. She put together a Nick Pitera styled video for a one woman Disney movie.  She goes through a ton of Disney Songs and showtunes and performs them all with her own voice doing all of the vocals (which is insane and shows off her talent).  What makes her video a bit more impressive to me than Nick’s videos is that she does all of hers acapella while Nick uses music instead of his own voice.

For her video of a one woman Disney show she had to learn every part and then create them all with her own voice which must have taken an insane amount of time and energy.  That is definitely not an easy thing to do.  That is why she impressed me enough to post another one woman Disney movie or any other one man or one woman show video.  During the video she does a few things that make her a bit more unique than Nick Pitera. She does a ton of makeup and actually dresses like the characters.

Her voice might not be as good as Nick’s, but her variation of his style of video is a lot more fun to watch because there is always something more unique happening.  She also adds in her own versions and commentary to parts of songs which I love.  Nick does have an advantage over her in his video version of a one man Disney movie, he works as an animator for one of their largest animation studios.  He probably eats, breathes and lives these characters and songs during the day which gives him a stronger look into their lives, emotions and helps him to be able to relate to them better.

Both of these people do an amazing job with their one woman disney movie and one man disney movie videos.  One is acapella and has to create every sound and voice on her own.  The other uses music but has an amazing voice.  One can do a ton of makeup and perform while the other does have a few funny moments when his characters are waiting to sing and they interact with the character that is singing.  Let me know which one you like better.  The one woman Disney movie video or Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie.

The one woman Disney movie video

Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie video