Nick Pitera Performs All Major Characters & Songs from Les Mis. Holy Crap!

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I was absolutely shocked when I saw this video on YouTube.  It is from someone I haven’t heard of before named Nick Pitera and he flawlessly performs almost all of the main characters from Les Miserables and their main songs.  Not only can he alter his voice to be male or female, but his inflections, tone and his acting behind it is absolutely amazing.  Although I normally hate these brady bunch styled videos, this one is freaking amazing!  He starts out in a girls voice and lets face it, he doesn’t look like the butchest kid on the block.

Because of this I expected him to continue with a high pitched song and not be able to change.  His voice is pretty good as a Fantine so I wouldn’t have been angry or upset and would still have loved the video.  However, when he goes into his next role, Jean Valjean, he all of the sudden lowers his voice and becomes a completely new person.  It’s amazing.  It also shows you how much talent is actually out there right now.  I haven’t actually seen or noticed Nick Pitera on any playbills or casts that I have seen, so I don’t know if he ever made a show or cast yet, but if he works on his presence and not overacting everything, he could definitely start to make a name for himself on the great white way.

Nick Pitera has a ton of talent and you can tell he is getting ready to explode with videos like these.  He also has a ton of other videos uploaded to his channel, however I haven’t watched any of them so I can’t actually comment on if he is better at broadway or ballads or regular pop music.  I have watched this video of Nick Pitera singing all of the major roles and songs from Les Miserables and I am completely blown away by it.  If Nick ever reads or finds this post, I want to say great job and we love your video.  My assistant who hates musical theatre, showtunes and high notes even went wow when he heard you sing and watched the video.  Awesome job!

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  1. Wendy

    LOVED it! So did all the teen girls hanging at my house. We were all spellbound!