Read This Before You Buy Broadway Posters – Don’t Get Scammed

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A few years ago I bought a few broadway posters on Amazon and was completely excited to get them.  I ordered the broadway posters framed and ready to go so that I could hang them on my wall.  Unfortunately what I didn’t realize is that I also didn’t pay attention to the ad.

When I opened the broadway posters that I ordered on Amazon, they were print outs of the broadway window card for sale and then framed in the frame that was described.  I was pissed.  Instead of an actual window card, I was stuck with pieces of paper I could have printed on an 11×17 sheet of paper and then framed for cheaper with a frame from Bed Bath and Beyond or another store.  That is why I’m writing this post.  I am able to see what is bought through my amazon links and someone just bought a broadway poster and is getting an 11×17 print out instead of an actual window card.  Before this happens to you, here is how to help reduce the risk of buying a fake paper print out instead of an actual framed broadway poster or window card.

Look at the size being advertised.  If it doesn’t say 14″ x 22″, it isn’t an window card.  14″ x 22″ is the standard size for broadway posters and window cards.  If the size is 11″ x 17″, then it is fake and you should not order it.  I included a couple of fake broadway posters and a few actual window cards in the Amazon widget above (BTW, if you buy from it, make sure you purchase right after clicking so I get credit for the sale and can keep paying to keep this site alive).  I also included a couple of actual broadway posters so you can see the difference. The next thing you should look at is the description.

In the description, look for 11″x17″, print out, copy, replica or other words that don’t say original.  If it does say original, then make sure you also write to the seller and ask for the size.  You also want to ask if it’s a print out or an actual poster purchased from the theatre.  You can also check the reviews from past shoppers through the seller and on the product itself.  If people complain it isn’t a real window card, then avoid it and move on.

One last thing you can do is visit the seller’s website by doing a google search for their name.  From there you can find out more details, see if they have 11″x17″ fake posters or if they sell real window cards.  You should also look on the site to see if they are legit resellers for the shows, if they are partners in the broadway charities and equity companies and if they are authorized to sell them.  If they don’t have this actually displayed then they are not and you need to move on.

If I ever order from Amazon again, I am going to make sure that the descriptions says 14″x22″ broadway poster or window card.  I’ll also look at the reviews and make sure it says original poster.  If it has all of this then it should be a real window card and actually be what you wanted.  Thank you all again for reading and if you buy broadway posters online, make sure you check out everything in this post before hand.