America from West Side Story – I usually don’t get political, but….

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I usually don’t get political, but I have some conservative friends who were talking about moving to Canada because of Obama. Others were talking about hoping to sucede from the US. The funny thing is that I don’t think they really thought of what they were talking about, especially the ones who were saying they were going to move to Canada. Here’s why it would make sense for Liberals if Romney won, but not why it would make sense for Conservatives any time.

1. Canada legalized gay marriage, at least in Ontario. Isn’t this something that they are completely opposed to? Isn’t this one of the reasons they are leaving the US?
2. Universal healthcare. They oppose this here, no matter who pushes through it and complain about people going to Canada to buy their perscriptions because they are cheaper. Why would they then do this, it seems a bit hypocritical.
3. Extremely liberal. Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world. This should be a nightmare place for Conservatives. Instead a Conservative should check out Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or somewhere with a lot less tolerance.

The next thing is Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.

I love this idea, but am kind of pissed they get to be a state before we do here in DC…just bitter about the no representation since we get none in congress. Our votes actually don’t count. Now to be serious, I think it is awesome that Puerto Rico wants to become a state. Just like Hawaii it is an awesome place to visit with a ton of great people. Why shouldn’t they want to join our country officially? It shows that America is still a great place, somewhere people want to move to and after being a US territory for a long time, we are finally at a place where they would want to join us as an official state. I think it shows a lot for America right now that they want to join and shows that this country may have issues, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican, but it is still moving forward. I think it’s a good sign and am excited to see them moving towards becoming the 51st state. That’s also why I think America from West Side Story is an awesome showtune for today.