Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate & Carrie Underwood + Crazy Broadway Fans

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When you think of the people who star on Broadway, chances are you think they’re a bit crazy. Who else is going to get up on stage night after night, pretend to be someone else, sing at the top of their lungs, sometimes strip and most of the time have to make a fool of themselves. Broadway people are a bit insane, but so are some of their fans. The nice thing though is that even though they might have a bit of insanity, they are still regular, normal people like the rest of us and still get nervous around other celebrities. Check out this clip I found of Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate and Carrie Underwood performing a mashup together.

I love in the video when they go over the awards they’ve won and Christina goes “I won a TV Guide Award” and Kristin goes “What’s That?” and someone else says, no a TV. (This was before GCB and I think Pushing Daisies, but I don’t think it was before West Wing.) Anyways, it shows they are a bit crazy but they also love to have fun. What’s nice is that so do all of their fans. Here are a few examples of how you can tell when a broadway fan is traveling or vacation. The first one is a reaction I had when I was doing the Avon breast cancer walk in Keystone Colorado.

As we were driving up to Keystone I saw a sign for Steamboat Springs and there was the word to after it. I instantly shrieked and made my friend stop the car. When I told her she has to get out to take a picture, she thought I was insane. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any paper, but what I wanted to do was have a Julie Andrews moment and write La Paz and hold it after the word to.

The second one is my friend Adam who is in Europe right now. You can always tell a broadway person because you’ll notice them in weird poses with absolutely no reason for it. If you ever see someone doing a weird pose at a building or monument, there is a chance it was from their favorite show. Check out this fun photo he posted to Facebook today.

when broadway people travel

when broadway people travel

This next one isn’t the image I was looking for and I took one in front of a Book of Mormon bus jumping in front of the poster in the same pose he was in, but this one is still ok. You have to love that Broadway fans are pretty much as crazy as the Actors. When they see a sign they can interact with, they kiss the main character, pose with the poster and sometimes even jump in the air to match it. The Book of Mormon probably has the most pictures of people jumping with the signs out there and it is definitely a fun one to see.

book of mormon jumping picture

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If you have a favorite moment from when you were traveling and had a broadway moment or took a picture, feel free to comment or leave it below. I moderate all comments so it might take a day or two to post. Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to join our newsletter.