Jekyll & Hyde Review – They Murdered a Musical

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I just got back from seeing Jekyll and Hyde the musical at the Kennedy Center and for a show about murder, they got it right. Constantine murdered the show and people were walking out. At the end, he even started trying to get people to cheer and unfortunately for him, no one would. Before I get negative about the show, there were some good things.

The girl who played Emma, Teal Wicks, was amazing! Not only did she bring the house down with her voice, but even when Deborah Cox went flat, she pulled everyone through. Her acting was perfect, her voice amazing and she was the only one in the cast that could get you to have goose bumps when she hit a high note and the only lead that could belt a note. Emma was incredible and the only reason you should see the touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

Deborah Cox who played Lucy actually did an awesome job acting. She was believable and her voice was gorgeous. She pulled off the role very well and brought people into her character, but where she lost us was in broadway vs. pop voices and vocals. Although she could hit every note and her voice is amazing, she just can’t belt a note or hit it solid enough to bring goosebumps to you. Her voice was beautiful to listen to and I would gladly pay to see her in concert, but in a lead role with a couple of iconic songs, she fell flat. Her voice isn’t made for classic broadway singing, it is made for main stream music. She did a great job, but she just can’t cross over into broadway. Constantine on the other hand was horrible.

He had a couple of good moments as Hyde, but he destroyed the role. People walked out after he couldn’t pull off This is the Moment and when he destroyed the role of Dr. Jekyll he lost the audience. I actually started to fall asleep a couple of times I was so bored when he was on stage. He couldn’t even get the audience cheering when he finished and was looking for applause. He has a nice voice, but he cannot act and he cannot sing a classic broadway show. He may have done a good job as Roger when he was in Rent, but for a classic show, he needs to go back to singing rock music. He unfortunately made the show fail and was one of the worst actors I have ever seen. His performance was amateur and lacked any emotion. Anyone could have gone up and after a few weeks of training done an equal to better job. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this show with him in it. With Deborah, at least you have a beautiful voice and good acting. Teal can sing and act her ass off and the ensemble stood out more than the stars…besides Emma. It’s hard to switch from main stream music to broadway, and when you cannot do it, it becomes obvious because the background characters are more interesting and get a better applause from the audience than you do.

I do not recommend seeing this cast. There are amazing songs in the show and Constantine butchered them. Deborah had a gorgeous voice and Teal showed what an actor can do, but overall you’ll probably be bored and wish you got a refund. The people next to me were equally as disappointed, half of our group walked out at intermission and the people in front asked if it was supposed to be bad or if it was just an off night. I would normally hope they were having an off night, but when Constantine sat there trying to get people to cheer and applaud louder, he even had to shrug and leave the stage. Normally I hate giving a bad review, but this show is not worth seeing or paying for. Bring something else to keep you entertained if you decide to go.

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  1. vonLmo

    Did the company read your review? I was surprised that it was NOT as dire as you promised. I attended the Thursday, Nov 22 show. Yes, Mr Maroulis has stage craft issues but the cast covered well. Ms Cox, earning “brava” from the audience, channeled her inner Linda Eder. Laird Macintosh deserves strong notices. Perhaps you were expecting a trad musical and not the first cousin of Newsies as rock show, which Jeff Calhoun appears to be directing.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Thank you for your opinion of it. I had more friends go last night and they felt the same way I did. I’m glad they got a better applause last night. They definitely gave it their best and it isn’t easy to do.

  2. DCDad

    Note: My fond memories of Jekyll and Hyde the musical were before David Hasselhoff showed up. They were from the late 90’s when Linda Eder and company were blowing us all away with their performances both from an acting and singing perspective.

    I came back from the performance tonight at the Kennedy Center and was horrified to find that it’s not the musical I remembered when Linda Eder was in it. On Broadway I was wowed and gladly stood applauding; but tonight I discovered it was a rock concert with some rock band type singing from the lead. Even the songs were completely different. I don’t fault the actors really, I think the artistic vision was flawed. To fault an actor for his or her acting abilities says a lot more about those that thought they fit the bill in the first place.

    I’m pretty certain that if anyone had completely overhauled and changed Les Mis there would’ve be hell to pay. Heck tonight even the good acting was drowned out sadly. The final scene where Jekyll battled Hyde was disappointing to say the least. When an actor has to show the internal battle between good and evil, then sing, and act it all out – is unbelievable when done well. That occurred on Broadway. It did not tonight. Worse, Jekyll battled Hyde at the end via a screen! Yes, Jekyll was singing to a pre recorded Hyde singing back at him. No acting, no drama – just lights and wizbang to fool the audience. We were not fooled.

    I wasted my money and I subjected my son to the torture. And yes, I almost didn’t return from intermission. Very disappointed indeed.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Hi DcDad. Thank you for your feedback on the show. I wouldn’t say it was torture because he did get to hear some great voices, but it wasn’t the right cast for it. If it was his first show, it could have ruined theatre for him for life because it was pretty flat and almost put me and did actually put a few of my friends to sleep at certain parts. The acting on Constantine’s part, and the fact he sounds like a rock singer instead of a broadway star just means that he needs work and training as an Actor if he wants to do a more classic show. Also, nothing can compare to Linda Eder belting out her version of the show so unfortunately it takes something stronger to compete with her.

      I did want to make one more quick comment, they did actually redo Les Miserable and add in a ton of special effects, and actually pulled it off. With that said, they still kept the music very close to it’s original form which I loved. Sometimes the vision of the show just isn’t what many of us may want to see or enjoy. I agree with you on numerous parts of your comment, but it is a little harsh,,,even for me. =0) lol.

      I agree with you on many of your comments and my friends who have seen the show probably do as well. I hope you will give the rest of the season at the Kennedy Center a shot because they have some amazing shows and casts coming through. Thank you again for reading and leaving your feedback.

      • DcDad

        In hindsight I must profess I was harsh – much harsher than I ordinarily am. My comments were mainly directed to the songs that I didn’t really recognize anymore. Everything else I can chalk up to being stuck to my memories. On a good note however I thought Emma & Lucy were quite grand and when Lucy sang it really was Eder-esque and rather amazing. Emma was quite the actor as well and I was thrilled to see that. In fact most the cast did a decent job – just the singing was…what can I say, the songs were just completely different.

        Yes it was my boy’s first musical but I’m confident he’ll enjoy the Les MIs coming up in DC and the other shows in store at the Kennedy Center. Thanks for the forum here :)

        • BroadwayReviewed

          No problem at all. I actually do a giveaway each month for cast recordings and other broadway merchandise. If you subscribe to the newsletter you’ll get all of the updates and giveaways via email. Thank you for reading and commenting. I love to hear what other people think.